generate mlm leads onlineIf you are serious about success in your MLM home business, you already know lead flow is key.  Finding quality leads is a problem for most network marketers, that is why most people turn to the internet to try and generate MLM leads online.

If you have found ways to generate MLM leads online I applaud you!  All to often you see friends spamming their products and offers all over Facebook, and I can assure you, this does not get consistent results.  To top it off, you will most likely end up ticking off friends and family if you choose this path.  There is a right way and a wrong way to go about it, and I will share my top 3 strategies with you below.

My Top 3 Strategies to Generate MLM Leads Online

  1. Blogging – I am obviously partial to blogging.  All you need to do is poke around this website for a few minutes to discover that!  The thing is, blogging is a great way to provide value to others, and generate leads via attraction marketing.  If blogging is a strategy you would like to use, I HIGHLY suggest checking my Pro Blog Academy review.  That course is everything you need to start generating MLM leads with a blog.
  2. YouTube/Video Marketing – You can generate MLM leads online by posting videos on YouTube.  More and more people are turning to videos to get their information than ever, so if you can get your vids in front of them, provide value, and entice them to want more you can generate boat loads of leads.  The course I used that taught me to do this was Tube Traffic Mojo, and you can read my review HERE.
  3. Social Media – This is probably the fastest way to start generating leads of the bunch.  Anyone and everyone is on social media these days.  get in on conversations in some if the interest groups you find on sites like Facebook, Twitter, Google +, and Linkedin.  While social media is not one of my top marketing strategies, I personally know a few people that are doing extremely well with it!  Like anything else, it is always best to provide value and not just blatantly promote.  This won’t get you anywhere.  Your best bet when trying to generate MLM leads online is to always provide value first.

Those are my top 3 strategies to generate MLM leads online.  If you pick one, and perfect it you will never run out of people to talk to again.

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