network marketing on the internetNetwork marketing on the internet can reap some massive rewards for your business.  There are stories out there of network marketers that are getting crazy results by building their business through online marketing strategies, and guess what?  They are true!

Now that does not mean you should just go out and start pitching your products and opportunity on Facebook and expect results.  If you think it’s that easy, think again!  There is a strategy you can use that will attract people to you, and it can make all the difference in the world when attempting network marketing on the internet.  What I am going to do is give you 4 of my favorite tips for you to try out when taking your business online.

Network Marketing on the Internet | 4 Tips for Success

  • Take Massive Action – If you are after massive results, you will need to take massive action.  The results you do or don’t get are directly related to the amount of action you are taking.  You can make up in numbers what you lack in skill.  Don’t get me wrong though, you can certainly work on the skills as you go and that will improve your overall numbers.  So if you want to take your business to heights you never thought possible, it will require you to take massive action, and that might require you stepping out of your comfort zone…
  • Focus – The best thing you can do when starting out online is to focus on one strategy and stick with it.  If you dabble with multiple strategies and don’t stick to one you will get poor results.  Staying extremely focused on your marketing strategy and sticking to it will fast track your results.  Once you are getting good results, branch out and learn another skill.  Just remember, the grass is not always greener somewhere else.  Pick your one strategy and work at it until you are getting good results.
  • Keep it Simple – One thing to keep in mind when marketing online is that you HAVE to keep things simple.  You don’t want potential prospects to ask themselves if they can do what you are doing, then answer no to that question.  So don’t get all techy and over complicate the process because you run the risk of scaring people away.
  • Take Advantage of a System  – Following a proven system can help you in so many ways.  I am going to show you a system in a minute here that can train you on marketing strategies, teach you how to follow up with prospects to turn them into warm market, and help you stay on point so you are not bouncing all over the place.

These are my top 4 tips for successful network marketing on the internet.

 Network Marketing on the Internet – How to Start Right Now

ree facebook marketing tipsIf you are looking for a free and fun way you can start  doing some online marketing, look no further than Facebook.  Facebook is an awesome platform for building relationships, and starting conversations.  One thing you don’t want to do is to go around pitching people on your products and opportunities.  That is not marketing, that is annoying!

There is a method to properly and effectively marketing on Facebook, and you always want to remember to lead with value.  Follow these 4 rules when marketing on Facebook and you will be off to a great start:

  1. Engage – Engage other people.  Ask questions and get a conversation started.  Be interested in what they have going on.
  2. Educate – Post things of value, so other people see you as a resource for valuable information.
  3. Enlighten – Quotes are great for enlightening other people.  You can use Google and search for success quotes, or inspirational quotes and find stuff you like right there.
  4. Entertain – Don’t be afraid to be yourself.  Share things with your audience that you find funny or entertaining.  People love to see real people, and it helps make connections.

If you follow these rules you will start attracting people to you.  Become a resource for other people, this will make them look forward to your information.  Remember, a comment from someone you do not know is essentially a cold market lead, so thank them for the interaction, then ask them  about what they do.  Basically start a conversation with them.  Make sure to be interested in other people, don’t just pitch.  Pitching won’t get you anywhere.

It is okay to do some promoting, but your promotions will be much more effective if you follow the 4 rules listed above.

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