Hey there, my name is Josh Parker!

At Monte Carlo CasinoThis is the page where you get to know me a little bit, so here goes:

I live in a small town in Wisconsin called Williams Bay.  It’s a bay on beautiful Lake Geneva, and it is a tourist attraction for many Chicago folks, especially come summer time.  There is a lot to do around here, but the things I enjoy most I can do year round, like hanging with my wife and kids and doing fun stuff with them.

When I am not with them, I do have hobbies, but with 3 kids under the age of 5 you don’t find a ton of time for them.  However, come summer time I absolutely love to play golf.  I started playing seriously about 8 years ago, right before I met my wife.  At that point I was shooting in the mid 90s.  There were a few summers (while still single :)) that I decided to really get out and play the game.  Getting in 36 holes in a day was not uncommon for me during those years, and I really honed my game in during that time.  I whittled my scores down quite a bit, and was breaking 80 quite often.

Then life happened!  I met my future wife.  We got engaged about 14 months later, and had our first of 3 within 15 months.  She was and is a beautiful young girl, and her name is Hannah Elise Parker.  She definitely changed our outlook on life!

Then, just 19 months later we had another child, a boy (I was pumped :)), and his name is Paxon Thomas Parker.  He is a handsome, smart dude who loves to play rough with papa.

Dad was supposed to go see Dr. Scissorshands after that, but he (yes, me) wussed out!  I bet you know what comes next ;)…

That’s right!  My wife was pregnant, again!  They told us we would be having another girl, so we got ourselves ready for this.

When she came, all went smooth (for me anyway, my wife thought it was pretty tough though).  We named her Madelyn Velichka Parker, and she completed our family.  She is now 1 years old, and loves getting into trouble with the other kids.

After she arrived, daddy ran as fast as he could to Dr. Scissorshands!  I’ll leave those details out now…

All of this sums up my last 10 years in a nutshell.  Life has been moving fast lately, and I am grateful and thankful for everything I have in my life.

Career Stuff

I come from a long line of tool makers.  I have worked for my father as a tool maker for over 10 years, but have been working online for over 4 years now.  I am scaling my tool making job a bit back to make room for my online efforts.

I have big plans for the future, and am working hard and learning every day to make them a reality.  The freedom network marketing and online marketing provide are what drives me to keep at this and never stop.  I want to have a good life with my family and be able to do the things they deserve, so that is my WHY.

I love connecting with people, so feel free to Contact Me any time.  Hit me up and I will get back to you ASAP.

Thanks for stopping by!

Josh Parker