network marketing goalsMany people think that to achieve their network marketing goals they need to hit it big right off the bat.  While this appeals to many of the people out there looking to strike it big right away, it rarely happens.  This is not meant to drag you down, or even tell you it is impossible, it’s just the reality of it is that network marketing takes constant hard work to achieve massive success.

Unless you are already a major player in the industry, starting your business with any company will most likely require some time to build up.  The comparison I want to use in this article is that of the aspiring network marketer and the baseball player.

You are probably thinking, is this guy nuts?  That’s okay, let me explain..

Let’s think about the baseball player for a moment.  While batting .250 and hitting 50 home runs is great, is it as beneficial to the team as the guy who bats .330, hits 30 home runs, steals bases, never strikes out, and get’s on base all the time?

Josh, where are you going with this?

The point I am trying to make is try not to think of network marketing as a get rich quick, or instant riches type business.  A GREAT plan of attack would be to try to get those base hits.  Try to  move the runners over.  Try to take walks.  Try to do the little things that will help get the win!

Whether it is just getting some content done, shooting a video, connecting with some people on Facebook, tweaking a PPC campaign, or any other daily activity you can do think of each one as a small success.

base hitWhile it might not carry the same glamor as a home run, it positions you for long term success.  Focus on building your business each and every day, even if immediate results are not on the horizon.

A good friend, and mentor of mine named Matt Paddock tells me to focus on activity, not results.  How powerful is that?

If you, me, or anyone else in the business get’s wrapped up in the results we will never survive.  Focus on daily activity, connecting with people, getting no’s, and ultimately just taking action.

Just like the baseball player that get’s those base hits, we want to be focusing on putting the ball in play, getting on base, and making things happen.  If we only try to hit home runs, there is a much better chance we strike out.

Again, I want to reiterate that it is possible to be that home run hitter, but for the other 99% of network marketers it is not a reality.  And the beauty of this is that you can build your business up as big as you want as the guy who walks up to the plate and hits the home run.  You can do this by taking action EVERY DAY, and believing in yourself and what you are doing.

One of the most effective ways to achieve your network marketing goals is to build your business online.  If that is something that suits your interests it is important to find a quality training platform that can teach you some of the necessary skills to do this, as well as allow you to piggy back off their marketing system that utilizes the principles of attraction marketing.

I hope you found this post helpful.  Please comment below and let me know your thoughts.  Also, feel free to share via social media if you think others would find this information beneficial!

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