Shaklee ScamEvery now and again, you hear people throwing out the words Shaklee scam, and if you are thinking about building a home business with Shaklee it can be be quite troubling.  Why is it that people say the Shaklee scam exists?  Has Shaklee been conducting business in an unethical way and ripping people off or misleading them?  Let’s find out in this article!

First off, let’s take a look at the definition of the word scam:

a fraudulent or deceptive act or operation

So, in a nutshell when people make Shaklee scam claims they are saying that Shaklee is conducting a fraudulent and/or deceptive business.

My initial feelings are how could a company remain in business for almost 60 years if this were the case?  Let’s take a closer look, and talk about why people make these claims about Shaklee.

Why People Scream Shaklee Scam

Shaklee is a network marketing company.  This means that they do not operate in the same manner as many of the companies you would see in stores like Wal-Mart.  Instead of advertising on TV, radio, or newspaper etc they rely on their distributors to spread the word, share the products, essentially selling and promoting the product for them.

Through the years, there have been many network marketing (MLM) companies that have ripped people off, and conducted business in a fraudulent manner, however, Shaklee is NOT one of them.

When this happens, the FTC comes in an shuts these companies down, but the damage resonates through the entire industry.  While some companies like Shaklee provide quality products, and do honest business the ones that don’t give the entire business model a black eye, so the good ones generally get lumped in with the bad ones, and that is one of the main reasons the Shaklee scam exists.  It is a matter of guilt by association.

 Other Reasons…

Network marketing has a pretty low success rate.  In fact, 97% of network marketers will fail!  Many of the people that fail refuse to take a good look in the mirror.  They refuse to think that the reason they failed is because of them.  Surprising right?

Well, the bottom line is that network marketing gives anyone the opportunity to build a home business, but it takes a lot of hard work and dedication, and too many people get involved looking for that pie in the sky easy money job, when network marketing is anything but that.  So some of the people talking about the Shaklee scam are past distributors that failed in the business, and cannot possibly see how it had anything to do with them.

I wrote a post on network marketing success, and it touches on this topic in more depth, you can read it HERE.

These are some of the reasons why people talk about a Shaklee scam.  It is just something that any company that operates in the network marketing industry will have to deal with.

What is Shaklee All About?

ShakleeShaklee has been around since the 1950’s, and has experienced massive success, and has helped many people achieve their dreams in this time.  Integrity, trust, quality, and loyalty are a few of the words you can associate with Shaklee.

Shaklee sells eco friendly products in these markets:

  • Healthy Home – These products are non toxic, concentrated products that range from laundry soaps, kitchen soaps, all purpose cleaners, clean water filtration, and more.  The products work well, and are highly concentrated so they go a long way.  Buying 1 bottle of Shaklee Basic H will make hundreds of gallons of all purpose cleaning product, and Shaklee supplies the concentrate and a spray bottle, so all you do is mix with water and you are set.  Doing this will keep hundreds of plastic bottles out of land fills.
  • Healthy Nutrition – These products are top of the line nutritional product.  You will find things like your every day vitamin to your amped up most powerful vitamin pack on the market.  You can also shop for healthy aging products, bone health, heart health, digestive health, children’s health,  immune support, prostate and liver health, sports nutritional supplements, and more.  The product selection is vast, and as usual all products are 100% all natural, with no artificial anything!  These products are the staple of Shaklee, and are extremely high quality.
  • Healthy Weight – The weight loss products Shaklee sells are phenomenal.  No more yo yo dieting, these products help you shed the weight, burn the fat, keep the muscle, and do it all very effectively.  I actually eat an energizing weight loss smoothie every day for breakfast!
  • Healthy Beauty – Shaklee has an all natural skin care treatment line that get’s very good reviews.  As a man, I personally don’t know a lot about some of these products, but they do get good reviews and are reported to work well.

The Shaklee scam must be pretty comprehensive!  All of these products, all of the time and money spent researching and improving the products for optimum results, the 17.5 year average customer retention, the commitment to making the planet a healthier place, does it scream scam to you?

Shaklee Scam – Conclusion

By now, I hope we can put the Shaklee scam talk to rest.  Shaklee is a top tier network marketing company, and there is nothing about them that indicates scam in any way.  Shaklee is a totally legitimate company and is a totally legitimate business opportunity.  I have written a more detailed review of Shaklee, and you can read it in full HERE.

If getting involved with Shaklee seems like something you might be interested in, feel free to contact me today and let’s have a talk.  I am a Shaklee distributor, and part of an awesome and growing team with Shaklee and I would love to hear your story!

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