2015 affiliate seoIf you are thinking of diving into the affiliate SEO game, there are some things you should know.  I have been in the SEO game for over 5 years now, and let me tell you, what worked when I started will get you squashed now.  In fact, things change pretty quickly in this landscape, which is why it is important to always keep tabs on what works now.  I will jump in and give some insight as to how you can attain good rankings with affiliate SEO in 2015.

I see so many people quit doing affiliate marketing and SEO because they encounter struggles.  Heck, I have had sites de indexed and slapped into outer space by the heavy hand of Google, but it taught me some things.  My hopes are that you can take something away from this post so maybe you avoid some of the things others fall victim to.

Affiliate SEO in2015 – How to Get Started

In affiliate marketing and SEO there are many different ways to get things done.  What I recommend may not be what thext person does, but the bottom line is finding strategies that work, and taking action.  Depending on the site I am working on, my strategy is different.  For this particular site, I blog, therefore, I create a lot of posts.  Content and building my domain authority is how I aim to get my rankings and traffic.  It has worked well for me, and I can tell you straight up it is the safest way to keep your websites in the good graces of Google!

I am a wordy person.  I tend to talk and explain a lot, and that translates into my writing as well.  I do not give skimpy explanation, instead I dive in deep and cover a lot of stuff!  If you posses that quality, blogging can be a great way to make money doing affiliate SEO.  Some people do not like the idea of writing a few days a week, so those people should consider a different SEO strategy.  I will talk about that shortly :).

When creating your content, always remember the goal is to have people on Google find you, unless you plan to get all your traffic from social media sites…  To have people find you on Google, you have to know what people are searching for, and that requires keyword research.  Writing to no audience will yield little to no results.

If you like to write, and can see yourself writing a lot of unique, quality content then blogging can help you get going with affiliate SEO in 2015, and it does not require money, just time.


If you hate writing, and the thought of cranking out posts a few times a week makes your skin crawl, creating small affiliate sites is the way to go.  By small, I am talking anywhere from 3 to15 pages.  The benefit of having more content on your site is that Google see’s it as more reputable, but you don’t need boat loads of content to rank.  If anyone tells you otherwise, just disregard that.   Whether you choose blogging or the smaller website plan, you always have to keep on page optimization in mind.

When choosing the smaller website route, it is very possible to push your way up the ranks based on factors that take place OFF your site.  A strategy I use involved buying expired domains that carry a high page rank in Google, then using them to link back to my money site.  There are many metrics involved when choosing these domains, but if done right you can rank in Google for just about anything you want!

I will cover more about that strategy in a later post so stay tuned.  SEO in 2015 is there for the taking, and there are opportunities just about everywhere you look.

Please contact me any time if you have questions, I am always willing to help!

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Til Next Time!

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