network marketing toolsYou hear a lot about all of the different network marketing tools around.  Depending on where you are reading about this topic, some will say you MUST have them, while other will not.  What should you believe, and why?  I have experienced some positive changes in my business using 1 robust tool, and I will share my experience with you below.

Network Marketing Tools – What You Need to Know

When analyzing tools in the MLM industry you just need to ask yourself a very simple questions, and that is:

Is this tool helping me build my business?

If you are paying for tools, and they are not helping you build your business it is time to ditch it.  It is hard enough to achieve network marketing success, and the last thing you need to is to be spending money on something that will not yield any return.

You will get sucked in to a lot of different products, and if you do anything online you will see tons of garbage about thousands of leads on autopilot, outrageous claims of massive riches in just a month, and a lot of other stuff like this.

Guess what?  It is all crap.  It is all there to do one thing and one thing only, and that is line the pockets of someone else.

Now, I am not saying there are no quality network marketing tools on the market, I am just saying that a majority of them are just bad.  So if you are using anything that does not help you to build your business, ditch it now.

What do I mean help to build your business?

When I say if it is not helping you to build your business, here it what I mean.

A quality tool will do a few different things to help you build your business:

  1. Teach and Train – Anything worth while is going to teach and train you to become more valuable, more skilled, and ultimately better at the skills it takes to succeed in MLM.  Whether it is marketing online, prospecting, mastering the phone, follow ups, personal development, you name it, a good tool will help you master these skills.  Becoming a person of great value and skill will attract people to you in this business, and you will become the hunted not the hunter, which will make lead generation astronomically easier.
  2. Develop – To succeed in MLM you need to develop good leadership skills.  Not everyone is a born leader, however, it is a skill that people CAN acquire.  Most network marketing tools you will find (except this one), will not help you with personal development, and the bottom line is personal development plays a huge role in how successful you will be.  Strive to be the best, and find a good tool that can help you become just that.
  3. Support – Anything of quality will be able to offer you support.  Whether it is a team of employees or a community of other members, having support is key to your success, especially if you are trying to build your business online.  Having access to other people that have had the same struggles you have is powerful, and will without a doubt help you succeed faster.

If the network marketing tools you have access to do not meet these standards ditch them now.  Unless you are 100% sure that whatever you are paying for has value, don’t waste your money and time with it any more.  When you have a good product, you will know it.

Network Marketing Tools – My #1 Recommendation

#1 ToolI am in no way trying to bash every other tool on the market, I am just making a point that if whatever you are using is not helping you get your desired results then realize that there are other options, better ones too.

With that being said I am going to unveil my #1 network marketing tool that I could not live without.

Of all of the MLM tools I have tried (and yes, there have been many :)) there is only 1 that I use each and every day of my life to help me build my business, and that is My Lead System Pro.  Read my review here.

What is MY Lead System Pro (MLSP)?  It is a world class training platform for network marketers and online marketers that teaches you exactly how to market online, the right way.

You see, marketing online is not simple.  If it were, everyone would successfully do it.  Therefore, if you want to take your business to the next level, it is important to take full advantage of of a system like MLSP.

Not only will MLSP teach you to market online, but it will teach you to lead.  Everything is based on attraction marketing, and by developing skills taught at MLSP you will become a more attractive marketer, one that people seek out.

Of all the network marketing tools I have used, MLSP is only one I find to be worth the money.  The reason is because the value I get as a member far outweighs the price I pay to be there.  I encourage you to read my entire MLSP review HERE.

Thanks for checking out my site, and be sure to look around for other MLM help related posts.  I do my best to bring value to the industry, and encourage you to contact me any time with questions, or just to “talk shop”.

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