MLM Distributor or MLM CustomerIn this post I decided not to focus on a particular keyword, but instead write about something that to many network marketers are experiencing.  Are you an MLM distributor that feels more like an ordinary customer than anything else?  Do you find that you are your only or best customer, and that frustrates you?  If so, you are not alone, and hopefully this article can help you to break out, and start producing better results.

Here is the situation…  You joined a network marketing company, and thought you would make some money in the business.  A slow start turned into more than that.  Months have gone by, and maybe years, and you are still not getting much done in the business.  Does this sound familiar?

Are you finding that you have to buy a certain dollar amount of products each month to qualify to get paid, but aside from yourself there is not much in the way of product sales?  It seems like an uphill battle, a losing effort.  I know the feeling, I have been there.

How to Get Better Results…

Success in network marketing will require you to step out of your comfort zone.  If what you have been doing is not working, then you have to do something else.  It won’t magically start working, so don’t hold on to the idea that it will.

One thing to keep think about is possibly utilizing the internet to build your business.  There are thousands of people searching sites like Google, YouTube, facebook, twitter, and others for information about the products you sell, and the business opportunity.  These are highly targeted leads, and they are just a few clicks away from being paying customers or business partners.  You just need to learn how to market and get your content in front of them!

Does Marketing Online Sound Scary or Intimidating?

It is very natural for people to be intimidated when they start marketing online.  The thought of websites, e mail lists, social media and many other things get people terrified for some reason.  The bottom line is this; there is a learning curve to it, but if you hang in there and learn the skills you will never have to worry about leads or product sales again.  It is an awesome way to build your business!

What Has Worked for Me…

My story is simple.  I was getting nowhere in my network marketing business.  I was nothing but a customer on my team, and it felt awful.  Here I was, trying to build something up, but nothing was ever happening.  I was not connecting with new people, I was not getting action on product sales, and I was certainly not getting new leads to bring into the business.  I was failing, miserably.

That is when I turned to the internet.  I was sick of trying to push the products and the business off on my friends and family.  They were not interested, so I left them alone and decided to do this business online.

It wasn’t easy.  There are scams out there for learning these skills, and unfortunately I found a few.  However, I hung in there.  I made the decision that quitting was not an option, at any point.  The only way I could fail is if I quit, and I don’t quit.  Luckily I found a training platform/community for network marketers called My Lead System Pro (MLSP).

At MLSP they teach network marketers how to take their business online, the right way.  Like anything else, there is a right way to do things and a wrong way.  MLSP takes you by the hand, and shows you the right way.

I do pay for my membership to MLSP, and it is money I will gladly continue to keep paying.  The information and support is so valuable, I cannot foresee a time when I don’t call MLSP home.  I have written an in depth MLSP review, and you can read more about that HERE.

What Next?

What next depends on you.  I have a good feeling you are not happy feeling like you are merely a customer in someones down line, but the question is what are you going to do about it?

When the desire is so strong that you won’t let anything stand between you and your goals is when you will experience a break through.  You will no longer care about what other people think or say, and you will do whatever necessary to make your dreams a reality.

For me, what next meant learning how to market online, so I could stop feeling like merely a customer.  I wanted to have more value, more volume, and feel like I was part of a team working towards something, not just a few more dollars on someone else’s pay check.  So guess what, that is what I did, and you can too!!

Check out the $2 3 day trial at MLSP.  It will open your eyes to so much, and teach you how to become the leader you want to be.

I hope this post was helpful and inspirational.  Anyone can make it happen in MLM, including you!  Please share this post on facebook, and/or leave me a comment below letting me know your thoughts and experiences.

PS – If you are tired of struggling with your network marketing business, and are considering taking your business online I HIGHLY recommend you check out the $2 trial at MLSP.  For less than a cup of coffee you can test drive the #1 training platform for network marketers on the planet.  CLICK HERE to take the $2 test drive now!

Til Next Time!

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