part time jobs for nursesNursing can be a challenging field to work in.  I know, not because I was a nurse, but my mother was.  She worked very long hours, with shifts lasting 12 hours or more at times.  There is no doubt nursing can be a physically and mentally challenging field to work in.

Not all nurses make great money, even though they should because they have a very important job.  The search for part time jobs for nurses has gone up, and now more than ever people in this field are looking for other ways to supplement their income.  The same goes for retired nurses searching for part time jobs.  Higher costs of living, travel costs, food, etc all adds up and it can be hard to make ends meet.

Work From Home Jobs for Nurses – P/T or F/T

Most part time jobs for nurses will consist of more nursing, which doesn’t really provide much of a break from the high stress environment they are already working in 40+ hours per week.

Have you ever considered working from home?  The benefits of working a home business can provide can be extremely rewarding.  Spending more time with the people that matter most to you, being able to do more of what you enjoy etc.

Have you ever heard of network marketing?  Do you know someone who does network marketing?  I bet you do.  By the year 2015, about 50% of all households in the United States will be involved with network marketing in one way or another.  More and more people are realizing the true potential of this industry.

Work Part Time From Home in Health and Wellness

best part time jobs for nursesHealth and wellness is a massive industry.  Of course, you already know this because you are in healthcare.  Now more than ever people are turning to prevention, meaning more and more people are becoming aware that poor nutrition, diet, and stress all lead to major problems down the road.

As someone who has credibility in this industry, it only makes sense for you to take a look within this industry, with something you are familiar with, but could provide you with the break you need from all of the bureaucracy and drama that can take place in the healthcare industry.  A health and wellness network marketing gig is one of the best part time jobs for nurses out there.

Ever Heard of Shaklee Corporation?

Shaklee is the #1 natural nutrition company in the United States.  Shaklee has been doing business for over 50 years, and is everything that is right in this industry.  For people looking to make part time or full time money, Shaklee is a vehicle that can take you there.

For nurses, the fit is great because you already have great knowledge with many of the most prominent health issues we face.  In fact, I recently sponsored a Mayo Clinic nurse to join our growing team.  I walked her through all of the information I could so she could make the best decision for her, and she is loving it!

Now she is working her nursing job at Mayo, while working part time to build something of her own, that can pay her nicely for working hard on her own time!

It costs absolutely nothing to take a look at what we have to offer.  For many people, the information turns out to be life changing, and for others it is just not a good fit.  I am not going to say this is for everyone.  However, if you have been interested in starting something that can help you build your own dreams, and want to stop trading time for money this is definitely worth you checking out.

All you have to do is head on over to  Watch the short 4 minute video, then simply decide if you want to learn more or not.  If you decide it looks interesting, and you request more information yours truly (me 🙂 ) will be giving you a call!

You can also read more about Shaklee here on this website, as I have written a detailed review.  Read that post here.

The website is:

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Feel free to contact me any time with questions.  Just shoot me an e mail and we can set up a time to chat via phone.

Thanks for reading this, and I look forward to talking with you!!

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