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Hey again,

Thanks for stopping by.  This post will be all about my Kotton Grammer testimonial, and I will talk about my personal experience with Kotton Grammer, of OMG Machines.

AS man of my readers know, I have been around the internet marketing world for a long time.  I have paid for this, been with that, and done all the others.  Unlike many of the other reviews online, I would NEVER review something or a person (in this case) unless I have a direct experience with it.  Therefore, I feel 100% confident bringing this Kotton Grammer testimonial to you, because I have been a paying member of OMG machines for over a year, and have had adequate time to listen to the lessons Mr. Kotton Grammer shares. (more…)

The 3 Minute Expert Review – Read This Before You Buy!

ray higdon - the 3 minute expert reviewHey there!  Thanks for stopping by and checking my in depth The 3 Minute Expert review!  You probably landed here on this website because you searched for The 3 Minute Expert reviews, or something similar.

I am glad you have found my website, as I love to provide value, and share insights into courses that can supposedly help you grow your business.   Does this course by Ray Higdon live up to the hype, or is it a waste of time and money?  Let’s get right to it and find out! (more…)

Bad Facebook Marketing – It’s Everywhere

facebook marketing facepalmI write this post at 9:30 a.m. and I have already face palmed at least 4 times.  That number will only rise through the day as I scroll through my news feed to see endless examples of bad Facebook marketing.  It really is becoming unbearable, and if you aren’t noticing it, then you are probably doing it.  You are probably here because you are tired of seeing those posts, or you think you might be one of the annoying Facebook marketers out there and want to find a better way.  Either way, you are in luck because I will show you a better way.  Let’s get to it. (more…)

Build Your Business With MLM Prospecting Tools

mlm prospecting toolsTo successfully grow your network marketing business, you need a steady flow of leads and prospects.  If you are not utilizing MLM prospecting tools to help you super charge your lead flow you are most likely struggling.  The bottom line is, the more people you show your information to, the more larger your team will grow. (more…)

How to Find MLM Leads on Facebook

facebook leadsHey there.  So you are looking to learn about harvesting leads for your MLM using facebook?  If so you are in luck.  I am gonna share a few quick tips with you in this post, and tell you about where I learned these skills.

For network marketers, sites like Facebook and other social media sites seem to be the hottest way to build a business.  The bottom line is that less and less people are doing traditional network marketing, meaning home parties and meetings in hotels are becoming less common. (more…)