Shaklee ProductsHello there!  I’m glad you decided to stop by and read about Shaklee products!  Whether you are looking to buy Shaklee to improve your health, or are looking into starting your own home business and need more information, this post will be exactly what you need to proceed.

Since some of you might be interested in purchasing products, and other are interested in becoming a distributor, I will break this post down into those 2 areas, and give you the information and guidance you need.  Let’s start with those of you looking to buy Shaklee products.

Buy Shaklee Products

If you are interested in purchasing any of the amazing products in the catalog, I can certainly help steer you in the right direction.  First off, let me explain the 4 major categories in their product catalog.  I will provide a link to each main category at the end of the description so you can go to my Shaklee products website and read more.

  • Healthy Nutrition – The main cog, or the bread and butter for Shaklee Corporation is their nutritional products.  In this category, you will find nutritional products and supplements, healthy aging products, antioxidants, digestive health, heart health, children’s health, womens health, and immune support products.  CLICK HERE to visit the Healthy Nutrition catalog now.
  • Healthy Weight – Are you looking to do a weight loss 180?  If so, Shaklee 180 might be exactly what you need to help you burn the fat, keep the muscle, and help you maintain a healthy weight.  Shaklee has tasty energizing smoothees (shakes) and yummy meal in a bar meal replacements that you can use to replace meals with a healthy, high protein alternative.  They also have energy teas, metabolism boosters, and snacks to help you get through the tough parts of the days.  The Lean and Healthy Kit and the Turnaround Kit are also great options.  CLICK HERE to learn more about Shaklee healthy weight products.
  • Healthy Home – If you like saving money on cleaning products, and love to make the planet a healthier place then these Shaklee products will blow you away.  the sub categories here consist of healthy household, Get Clean Kitchen, get Clean Laundry, Get Clean Water, Accessories, and more.  These products are made from concentrate, and just a tiny little bit will go a LONG way.  For example, 1 teaspoon of the Basic H mixed with about 20oz of water is equivalent to an entire bottle of Windex.  You can get a bottle of Basic H for around $10, and 16oz gos for about $12.  Think of the savings involved, not to mention the number of bottles you will keep out of landfills just by making the switch.  And this is just one example.  CLICK HERE to check out the entire line of healthy Home products from Shaklee.
  • Healthy Beauty – Another popular line of products is the Healthy beauty line.  Sub categories include Skin Care, Cleanse, Neutralize, Repair, Body care, Hair Care, Beauty Accessories, Baby Care, and more.  Like all other Shaklee products, nothing but the finest all natural ingredients are found in these products.  CLICK HERE to learn more about Shaklee Healthy Beauty products.

That is the 4 main categories you can shop for specific products in.  If you want to visit my Shaklee Products website, and search on your own go HERE.

Feel free to Contact Me any time with any questions you have.

Sell Shaklee Products – Start a Home Business

Shaklee home businessYou are interested in the Shaklee home business opportunity?  Great choice!  Shaklee is an exciting company to be a part of.  Great products, great leadership, serious residual income potential (our average customer buys our products for over 17 years!), global expansion, vision, and more are what this is about.  Shaklee is a company with almost60 years of proven success and stability, yet has the feeling and excitement of a start up!  Talk about the best of both worlds!

What Shaklee Offers

Are you looking to escape the 9-5 blues?  Do you hate your job?  Do you hate the commute?  Does the guy in the cubicle next to you drive you absolutely mad?  If so, success with Shaklee can provide you with a lifestyle of personal freedom.

Today’s Shaklee, led by the extraordinary Roger Barnett is back on the rise.  Roger bought Shaklee in 2004, after spending 5 years and 20 million dollars researching companies.  He did his research, and decided that Shaklee was where he wanted to invest his time and money.

Roger has revamped the Shaklee Comp Plan, making it one of the most lucrative in the industry.   In fact, you can make over 100k in your first 15 months, and even more.  Top that off with all expense travel, car bonuses, and cash bonuses you can find yourself living the lifestyle you always dreamed of living.  Roger has taken the torch that Dr. Shaklee lit himself, and carried it as Dr. Shaklee would have wanted someone to do.

Roger’s goal is to make people healthier, and the planet as well.  All of the original philosophies Dr. Shaklee lived by continue to shine brightly today.

So when looking for a quality home business to get involved with, Shaklee is a great opportunity.  You have stability, growth, global expansion, and the chance to build something big that will pay you well, and for a long time.

To learn more about Shaklee and the opportunity to build you own home business, watch the video below then contact me to discuss.

I applaud you for reading this entire post.  If you are serious about buying or selling Shaklee products, I can help.  Please feel free to CONTACT ME any time with questions about the products or the business, I am glad to help.

PS – Now is  great time to use Shaklee products for better health, or to join me in the business.  Exciting things are happening, and you can be a part of it!  CLICK HERE to shop for products.  Contact me now to discuss the home business opportunity.

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