Does Submission Marketing in MLM Actually Work?

submission marketingIs submission markting even a real phrase when it comes to marketing your MLM?  Well it is now!!

Holy cats, logging into Facebook is brutal these days.  Really, it’s bad.  I see so many people marketing this, marketing that, and they have absolutely no clue what they heck they are doing.  It really makes me wonder if they really believe this will work. (more…)

Using Craigslist for MLM – Is it Worth Your Time?

craigslist for mlmHave you been on Craigslist lately?  More importantly, have you been in the help wanted section of Craigslist lately?  Holy crap, it is a free for all!  Every city, every town all day, all night, all you see is work from home, make hundreds, blah blah.  It is truly becoming inundated with stuff like this.  With that being said, is Craigslist for MLM a good choice?  Let’s discuss that shall we? (more…)

Tips for Ranking Videos on YouTube

ranking videos on YouTubeRanking videos on YouTube is a great way to market your business.  There are a lot of great reasons you should be utilizing YouTube in your business, and in this article I am going to explain what those reasons are, and provide you with some tips that will help you get your videos ranking higher not only on YouTube, but Google too! (more…)

How to Get Network Marketing Leads Using the Internet

network marketing leadsNetwork marketing leads.  It’s what we seek.  It’s what we need to be successful in our MLM home business.  No matter what company you are in, you have to create a steady flow of fresh leads.  If we don’t, our business stops moving forward and dies.

Since you are here on this website, I am assuming you would like to learn how people are using the internet to generate leads for their business.  This article will tell you 3 ways you can generate network marketing leads online, starting right now. (more…)