Are Network Marketing Tools Necessary to Succeed in MLM

network marketing toolsYou hear a lot about all of the different network marketing tools around.  Depending on where you are reading about this topic, some will say you MUST have them, while other will not.  What should you believe, and why?  I have experienced some positive changes in my business using 1 robust tool, and I will share my experience with you below. (more…)

Touting Your MLM Products as The Best – Smart Move?

best MLM productsHello friends.  Today’s blog post is going to be more of a rant than anything else.  The reason for the rant is because I am constantly seeing people all over social media tout their MLM products as the best.  For me as a Shaklee Distributor, I obviously feel good about the products our company offers, however, is it a smart move for me to go around making claims about them being the best the world has ever seen? (more…)

How to React When Someone Quits Your MLM Business

quit MLM businessHas a team member decided to leave/quit your network marketing business?  Is it eating away at you and now you are wondering what you could have done differently?  If so, this short article will shed some light on the subject.  Just yesterday I had a team member decide to walk away, and it inspired me to write this post.  I hope it helps you deal with this situation. (more…)

Why a Solid MLM Business Plan is Crucial to Your Success

MLM Business PlanIf you are new to network marketing, or you have some time in and are struggling it could be because you lack a solid MLM business plan.  It is something that most people do not think about when they get started, and they end up spinning their wheels and not getting results for to long, then they quit.  Hopefully this short article will address this issue, and help you develop your own MLM business plan to maximize your chance for success. (more…)