submission marketingIs submission markting even a real phrase when it comes to marketing your MLM?  Well it is now!!

Holy cats, logging into Facebook is brutal these days.  Really, it’s bad.  I see so many people marketing this, marketing that, and they have absolutely no clue what they heck they are doing.  It really makes me wonder if they really believe this will work.

Ironically, I have approached these people about marketing in a more professional manner, and the funny thing is they say things like I just don’t have the money to invest right now.

In my head I am thinking, don’t have the money to invest in your own skills and leadership abilities and you expect to make it in this business?  Really?  Maybe if you stopped wasting everyone’s time you could stop being broke!  Apparently they think everyone is their target market.  What a concept!

I have coined this submission marketing, because they are beating people into submission, and their goal is to eventually get someone to buy something or join simply because they just cannot take it any more.  It is almost like brainwashing.

What is the Purpose of this Post?

The main purpose of this post is just to rant.  Heck, it is my blog and I can do that!  No, I would like to actually provide some value somewhere in this article and hopefully share with someone who is lost the plans and map which can lead them down a better, more prosperous path.

What is they key to being successful in network marketing?  It’s easy, lead generation.

I recently had someone quit my Shaklee business.  I cried for days!  No, I wished him the best and went on my way.  While with Shaklee, he generated less than 10 leads, got no customers, signed up no one, and then quit.

2 weeks later he e mails me and said he is on the cusp of getting a car with Nerium.  I said that is awesome, what are you doing differently to generate leads?  He never replied.  Now I have been around a few poker tables in my day, and I am calling and raising that bet!!  In other words, I think he might be slightly to damn near 100% full of you know what!!

Back to lead generation 🙂   I know, I am all over the map tonight!!

To be successful in this business you need to have a steady flow of people to talk to.  You need to filter through a lot of no’s and get to as many yes’s as possible, whether it is a product only yes, or a business partner yes.  Finding those people are the name of the game!

Is everyone a prospect?  I say no.  Why use submission marketing when you can find people that are actually looking for what you have to offer?  Why bother convincing people if you don’t have to?  The truth of the matter is that a ton of people are looking for the products you have to offer, and the business you have to offer, so go talk to them!

How is This Done?

For me, it is done by strategically positioning content online via Google, YouTube, and Facebook.  No, I’m not talking about the wacky submission marketing tactics now, I used the word strategically, and its a big word so it must work 🙂

When people are SEARCHING for a product or service you have to offer, and you can get a piece of content in front of them it provides you with a highly qualified, and laser targeted lead.  You are not chasing them down, they are finding you.  This makes all of the difference in the world.

Psychologically, people hate to be sold to.  However, they love to buy.  For marketers, the end result is the same thing, so why not give people what they want?

Stop Using Submission Marketing Tactics and Grow Your Business

StopHopefully you agree with me about submission marketing.  I hope you see why it is a poor choice when it comes to marketing your company and/or products.  I also hope you understand that you can market online, and attract people to you.  This is how leaders build their business, and this is how you should too!

What Next?

If you want to market online, and if you are sick of posting stuff all over the internet that does not get you any new business then it is time for you to start investing in YOU.

To get results you don’t have, you have to do things you aren’t doing.  It’s that simple.

I am a member of a community called MLSP (My Lead System Pro).  MLSP teaches people how to market and brand themselves online using the strategies I mention above, along with others.

To attract people to your business, you need to acquire new skills that will allow you to grow your warm market.  MLSP will show you exactly how to do that.


I hope you found value in this post.  If you are someone who uses submission marketing and are ready to make a change, now is the time to act.  The sooner you get the skills you need, the sooner you can get the results you want.

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Til Next Time!

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