facebook lead generationIn this day and age, if you are not utilizing Facebook to generate leads for your network marketing business you are missing out.  The right Facebook lead generation strategy can really help you generate a steady flow of targeted leads to talk to, and we all know that is a GOOD thing!  To top it off, it is free!  The method I am going to show you only requires your time, and consistent efforts.

Facebook Lead Generation – What Not to Do

We all know how popular Facebook is.  What many marketers don’t realize is how effective it can be for prospecting and generating leads for your network marketing business.  And for most of the one’s that do realize that it is, they are doing it all wrong.

Before I get into the “right” way to do this, let me tell you what doesn’t work.

We all have friends on Facebook that are always leaving pictures of money, cars, trips, or something corny that say’s join our team to make X amount of money.  I see this all of the time, and I am pretty sure you do too.

This is called spamming.  Placing your links all over the place when people aren’t asking for them is spamming, and no matter what they might tell you, it is NOT effective.  Aside from not being effective, it is downright annoying to 99.9% of your friends and family on Facebook.

So, if this is you stop.  Your results can and will be so much better if you do this the right way, and I am going to show you how right now.

Facebook Lead Generation – The Right Way to Do It

Here is what you want to do.  First off, create a fan page.  This way you can do your marketing strictly from your fan page and not have to intertwine your personal profile and your fan page.  Creating a fan page is pretty easy, and you can get started doing that here.

After you get your fan page up and running, get a good cover photo and start by putting a little content on the page.  This can be anything, so don’t over think it.  Any article or pictures you like or find interesting just put them up there.  There reason for this is so when people actually come to your page to check it out it is not a ghost town.

Once you get this ball rolling, what you will want to do is use the search bar on Facebook.  It is located at the top  I will show you an example of this in the screenshot below.


What you want to do is use the search bar you see above, and search for people, pages, and groups that are related to your niche.  If you are in the network marketing niche (which I assume you are) you can use the search bar to look for pages and groups that you think will have active people interested in entrepreneurship.  One of my favorite fan pages to interact on is Robert Kiyosaki’s.  Once you find a few good fan pages and/or groups you will want to “like” them so you see them in your status updates.

Then you will want to look for updates that have gone viral, and have a lot of comments.  I normally find comments that are positive and intelligent comments, and reply to those comments.  This is a VERY important step in the process.  You can even friend request them or message them if you feel like starting a conversation is possible.

NeverOne thing to keep in mind if you do send that person a message.  NEVER NEVER NEVER send them a link in your first message.  Make the initial message just a hello, introducing yourself and asking a few questions about what they do.  You can also check out their personal profile prior to messaging them to find a common ground.  Just remember the first message is not to pitch the person, it is merely to open up the lines of communication and introduce yourself.

Try to establish a dialogue with the person.  Ask questions about what they do, just be curious.  Don’t be short, get detailed in your follow up messages.   Position yourself as an authority by talking and sharing what is working for you.  The goal is to get them to ask questions about what you do in return, which will open the door for you to talk about your primary business opportunity.

Since your goal is to get this person to inquire about what you do, it is very important to take the right amount of time in the beginning steps to find comments and people that you think would be open to the opportunity you have to offer.  Once you do it a few times you will start to notice certain things people say that work better for you, so you will learn what to watch for.  This Facebook lead generation strategy takes time and consistent offer, but costs you no money and can deliver HUGE results.

The Kill…

So, you have opened up the lines of communication, and there is a nice conversation going and the person has asked you for more info about what you are doing.  What next?

What you want to do is ask permission to send the person some info.  As I stated before, NEVER send a link without permission, it is a sure fire way to ruin any chances you have with this prospect.  If you aren’t marketing on Facebook properly, you are basically wasting your time.

When the person is asking you for information about what you are doing or how you are doing it is the perfect time to say:

“I would love to show you more, but I would like to ask your permission to send you this link so you don’t think I am a spammer.  If not no biggie!”

Then proceed with the conversation as normal.  You don’t want them to think your sole purpose of the conversation was to get them to the point where you send the link.  Keep it going.  In the ends, if that person does not turn into a business partner you made a new friend, and you never know because sometime down the road that person may change his or her mind.  I like to look at it like this:

“I am here to make a friend, but if you want to learn more about what I am doing I am happy to share.”

That’s a wrap!  I hope you realize that Facebook lead generation techniques like this one can be extremely effective, but it takes consistent effort making those connections, however, if you stick to it you can tap in an endless flow of leads for your business!

I hope you found this post helpful.  Please comment below and let me know your thoughts.  Also, feel free to share via social media if you think others would find this useful!

PS – If you would like to watch a FREE video training that can help you start generating laser targeted leads for your network marketing business using Facebook Click Here now, unless you already have to many leads.

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