free mlm leadsSome people live and die by the saying, you get what you pay for.  Is this the case when it comes to free MLM leads?  Maybe so, maybe not!  I am of the belief that nothing is really free, you either have to invest money or time.  Since our time is worth money do free MLM leads really exist?  Let’s discuss this topic in this post, and I will give you my opinion on  free leads, and paid leads and where they fit into your business.

Free MLM Leads – The Truth

As I stated above you either invest time or money to get something.  When it comes to MLM leads, it is no different.  No matter what you are doing to generate leads chances are very good you are either paying for them or investing your time to get them.  Therefore, I say 100% free MLM leads do not exist.

Now before we get all worked up here, let’s dive in a bit deeper.  I don’t believe in buying leads from a list.  Those leads rarely work out, and all they are good for is getting some practice talking to people.  While learning to talk to people is an invaluable skill these leads are not the best MLM leads and are for the most part untargeted, unqualified leads.  Leads from genealogy list rarely work out.

The closest thing you will ever get to free MLM leads are leads you generate from marketing on the internet.  Instead of calling them free, I like to call them autopilot leads, because you do the work and can get leads long after the work is done, on auto pilot.  There are a lot of different marketing strategies you can employ to generate leads online for your business, and quite a few of them can work to generate free MLM leads on autopilot.

Free MLM Leads – How to Generate AutoPilot Leads

autopilot leads

Marketing your MLM online is not racket science, but it is not push button easy either.  If it were easy everyone would do it and everyone in network marketing would make money.  The cold hard truth is that most people in network marketing fail miserably, but that does not have to be the case for you!

People that are willing to learn, roll up their sleeves and work hard, and stay consistent as ever can learn how to generate a steady flow of leads for their business at no cost aside from putting in their time.  Now some of the training might cost you some money, but if you consider what you can get in return it makes it more than worth it.

A lot of time, people think they can just throw a blog together, shoot some YouTube videos, or spam the living crap out of Facebook and get results.  Well, this is just not the case!  The best thing you can do if you want to market online, and generate autopilot leads is to educate yourself and take massive action.  Anything less will result in poor results.

Internet marketing is about making a commitment to learning something new, stepping out of your comfort zone, taking consistent action, and having the ability to see the big picture.  If you can do those things you can achieve massive succes and acquire free MLM leads for as long as you want.

Where to Learn How

If you want to learn how to marketing your business online, and use the same strategies and techniques that myself and many other marketers are using to generate a consistent flow of free MLM leads I would HIGHLY recommend taking a look at MLSP (My Lead System Pro).  MLSP teaches, trains, and guides you on how to market properly and effectively online.  You can slash your learning curve down into a fraction of what it would be if you were to go at this alone by learning from MLSP.  The training is top notch, and the support and community are even better.

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Free MLM Leads – Conclusion

Well, there you have my take on free MLM leads!  All leads cost you time or money, and by now I think you know which methods I prefer to get.  I am a big fan of using the internet to generate autopilot leads, and the things I do ANYONE can do with the right training.  It is up to you to decide how serious you are about building your business.  There is a wealth of targeted leads on the internet for the taking.  Learn to get your content in front of them and the sky is the limit!

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