leadership and personal developmentDoes personal development and leadership play a role in the amount of success you will have as a network marketer?  Are these things really something you need to work on to become truly successful in this industry?  The answer to that questions is a resounding yes.  Let me explain why.

Why You Must Develop Leadership Skills and Study Personal Development

There is a cold hard truth in network marketing, and that is most of you will probably fail.  It’s not because you aren’t smart enough, or you don’t have lady luck on your side.   Those things actually have nothing to do with it.

If those things are not factors, why are some people able to achieve great success in this business, while so many others fail miserably?  The answer to that question is mindset.

The ones who succeed in this business will NEVER stop honing their leadership skills, and they will NEVER stop working on personal development.

The reason being, this is a hard industry to break out and become successful in.  There will be a lot of challenges that will arise, there will be a lot of people that tell you that you won’t succeed.  Therefore, you MUST work hard to develop a strong mindset, one that will not allow you to fail.  You only fail if you quit, plain and simple.

Don’t think for a minute that the person who is breezing through your company ranks, hitting new levels every few months did not struggle.  It is extremely rare for someone to come in and not face adversity, or experience many of the same failures that everyone else does.  That is the same.  The difference is how they react and handle it.

Leaders don’t run from failures.  Leaders don’t allow people to tell them they will fail.  Becoming a leader is something ANYONE can do, and the best way to do it is to study, and follow the lead of others who have made the transition.  There is no need to re invent the wheel, so use the resources at your disposal, and put them to use!

There are a few books I recommend checking out, that can really help you adjust your mindset, work your personal development, and hone your leadership skills.  These are the types of books every successful network marketer has on their shelves.  Here are a few my top recommendations:

  • Think and Grow Rich
  • Rich Dad Poor Dad
  • Go For no! Yes Is The Destination, No Is How You Get There
  • Your First Year in Network Marketing
  • Building Your Network Marketing Business
  • Magnetic Sponsoring (E Book) – Get it Here

Start off with these great books.  You can find all of them for sale at Amazon.com (aside from Magnetic Sponsoring).  Readers are leaders, so if you are truly hungry to succeed in network marketing you MUST start working on your mindset to start changing how you think.  Once that transformation begins, you WILL start to see better results in your business.

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