network marketing leadsNetwork marketing leads.  It’s what we seek.  It’s what we need to be successful in our MLM home business.  No matter what company you are in, you have to create a steady flow of fresh leads.  If we don’t, our business stops moving forward and dies.

Since you are here on this website, I am assuming you would like to learn how people are using the internet to generate leads for their business.  This article will tell you 3 ways you can generate network marketing leads online, starting right now.

3 Strategies to Generate Network Marketing Leads Using the Net

Note – I am listing 3 strategies that I have found success with.  It should be noted that there are many more online marketing strategies than the ones I will list below.

  • Your Own Website/Blog – Having your own blog/website is a great way to generate leads.  This strategy can take time to establish, but if you take consistent action and follow the rules of Google you can get a ton of free traffic to your website, which ultimately means a lot of leads.  If you choose blogging as a main marketing strategy I highly recommend checking out my Pro Blog Academy review.  PBA has taught me everything I need to know about building and running a successful blog, and I HIGHLY recommend checking it out if you are going to blog.  Blogging is what is called a Passive Marketing Strategy, which means it is meant for the long term, and can give you residual leads for a long time, and while you sleep.  Just don’t expect immediate results.
  • YouTube/Video MarketingYouTube marketing is red hot right now.  People are generating ton of network marketing leads by creating videos and uploading them to YouTube.  You can create all different types of videos, a few examples would be company reviews, product reviews, screenshot videos where you show people how to do something, people/leader reviews, inspirational videos, you name it!  Like blogging, the name of the game is staying consistent.  Since Google owns YouTube they like to see an active account, which does influence where your videos rank.  The great thing about videos is that it is an Active Marketing Strategy, which means you can get fast results, and like blogging once you can get your videos ranked in YouTube and Google you can get leads on autopilot.  For those of you interested in generating network marketing leads with videos, I HIGHLY recommend checking out my Tube Traffic Mojo review.  This course has shown me the ropes, and made it possible for me to get my videos producing serious results.
  • Facebook – Facebook is another red hot strategy for generating network marketing leads.  If done properly, you can really make connections, and get leads.  The beauty of using Facebook is that it puts you ahead of these strategies listed above because you have already established a relationship with the prospect.  I recently wrote a post about how to market on Facebook effectively, and not spamming.  You can read that post here.

magic buttonThese 3 strategies are awesome ways to start generating target network marketing leads online.  There is no magic button that will do it for you, and it does take  hard work, consistency, and a good plan of attack.  To start utilizing these techniques will cost you very little money, and they are well worth the effort!

I personally blog and shoot YouTube videos more than Facebook.  I have had success using all 3 strategies, but blogging and video marketing are my bread and butter.  For you, the key is to pick one strategy at first, the one that suits you best and start taking MASSIVE action.  If you don’t get your desired results immediately don’t panic or quit.  Online marketing takes time, and is a game of persistence.  The ones that hang around and remain consistent will get great results!

I truly hope you found value in this post.  If so, PLEASE leave me a comment below and/or share via social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, Google +, Linkedin, and Pinterest.

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