how to make money with a blogSo, you want to know how to make money with a blog, you are in luck!  A lot of people are looking for information about this very topic, and hopefully this post can answer that question for you.  In this short post I will share some tips I have learned that can help you make money blogging.  What you do with the advice is up to you, I am just the messenger!  🙂

Before I get started, you should know I have gathered quite a bit of useful blogging knowledge in my time.  I have been marketing online for over 4 years, and have completed the best course on blogging there is.  I wrote a review on that product which you can read HERE.  Enough about me, let’s start teaching you how to make money with a blog right now!

How to Make Money With a Blog – My Tips

  • Establish Your Target Market – Knowing how to establish your target market is the first thing you need to figure out.  This means you MUST figure out exactly who you want reading your content.  If you aimlessly write content just hoping the right person will read it you are in for a long haul.  Before you write, think about exactly who you want to read the post, what their questions and problems are in that niche, what makes them frustrated, what keeps them up at night etc..  You can dictate your results by being extremely specific with your content.
  • Become a Content Creating Machine – I recommend that you set a schedule to blog 5-7 times per week.  Coming up with ideas for content is not as hard as you might think.  Take advantage of existing and new training in your niche and create content around those topics.  Find books in your niche and look for bullet lists, those topics normally make great content.  Use the Google keyword tool to search for keyword phrases that people are searching for in your niche, and create value based content.  In short, use every resource at your disposal to come up with ideas for fresh content and write write write!
  • Learn How to Get Traffic – Knowing how to make with a blog will require you to generate traffic to your site.  No traffic = No money.  There are a lot of different methods of attaining blog traffic, it will be up to you to figure out where you want your traffic to come from.  It could be search engine traffic, social media, paid traffic or a number or other sources, but no matter what you MUST get traffic!
  • Convert – So you have established your target market, got into a content creating groove, started getting decent traffic, now you need to convert that traffic into sales!  Remember, we don’t get paid to blog, we get paid to make sales/get clicks and leads!  One thing I recommend doing is creating an opt in form (auto responder) on your blog and providing your visitors with a free gift in return for opting in.  Once you get them on your list you will have a chance to monetize them over and over.  You goal is to save people time.  If you can solve other peoples problem they will pay you for it!  So always remember to have value based content!

Following these tips will dramatically increase your chances of making money with your blog.  Other key factors that you need to remember is that you will need to be extremely consistent.  If you want be a blogger, then you MUST blog!  The reason you have to be consistent is because Google loves fresh content.

If Google sees your site sitting there, never being updated with fresh, unique content they will definitely not reward you with any type of search engine (free) traffic.  Play be their rules, and they WILL reward you for doing so.  Ranking on Google is not rocket science, but it does require you to play by the rules, and if you don’t you might as well try something else.

How to Make Money With Your Blog – Types of Monetization

make money bloggingSo you know that you want to make money blogging, you will need to decide how you plan to monetize your blog.  The 2 most popular way to monetize web traffic are affiliate products and Google Adsense ads.

  • Affiliate Marketing – Affiliate marketing is a great way to monetize your blog.  For example, let’s say you have a blog pertaining to golf.  You would want to create value based, original content that helps people with their golf woes.  By providing them with helpful advice you will stand a much better chance of making a sale because they instantly gain trust for you because you helped solve a problem.  Then you gently urge them to Click Here to find out more helpful tips, or something along those lines.  Always remember, the more value you provide the more you will get back in return.
  • Google Adsense – If you want to make money with your blog from Adsense you will need to sign up for a Google Adsense account.  Once approved, you will be able to place ads on your site that if clicked will earn you a little money.  Usually clicks range from $.07-.05 approximately.  The higher people are paying to place those ads, the higher you will get for those clicks.  This strategy will require a lot of traffic to make significant money, whereas affiliate sites can sell high ticket items where commissions can be robust.  The advantage is, you don’t have to “sell”.  Google will place highly relevant ads on your site so people will naturally click those ads, all you have to do is provide the content and get the traffic.

There are a few other ways to make money from your blog, but these are the 2 most popular ways to go.  Both require work and consistent effort, but can definitely be a great money making venture.

How to Make Money With Your Blog – Final Thoughts

There you have it folks.  Making money with a blog is not push button easy money, however, it is a very real way to make some coin online.  My goal is to provide you with real info here, not tell you it’s so easy and anyone can do it.  The bottom line is that most people give up and their blog falls off the face of the earth and they end up saying it doesn’t work.  It is just their way of coping with failure.

That does not have to be you.  The possibilities are endless, and there are niches within niches with niches that you can stake your claim on.  Use my tips above and you will be off to a great start!

The best place to learn how to crush it with blogging is Pro Blog Academy, and you can read my review HERE.

I hope after reading this you have a better idea how to make money with your blog!  If this post was valuable, please share via social media and leave me a comment below letting me know!

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