Vector Marketing ReviewScouring the search engines online for an honest Vector Marketing review can be tough.  For the most part, aside from the company website you will find reviews that are either written from current distributors claiming the company and the products are the best, or ex distributors claiming the company is bad.  Well, I have no affiliation with Vector Marketing and and just here to tell it like I see it.

Digging in to This Vector Marketing Review…

Vector Marketing is an owned subsidiary of Cutco Corporation.  They are a direct sales company, and they sell a line of high end kitchen knives and accessories.

VM reps are responsible for selling the products, and finding other people to do the same.  Typical activities would consist of scheduling appointments, conducting presentations (product and business), writing orders, getting referrals, and filling out and turning in paperwork every week.  These activities are typical of just about every legitimate network marketing company.

Vector Marketing Review – The Products

Vector Marketing manufactures and sells Cutco Cutlery.  I have never tried the products, but from everything I have gathered doing basic online research the products seem to be of good quality.  They also have a warranty for sharpening the knives when they go dull.  You simply mail your knives back and they send them back to you fully refurbished at no charge.

What Others Are Saying…

Vector Marketing get’s mixed reviews.  There is a lot of negative pub out there claiming that commission rates are to low to make a decent income with it, while others claim to be having a lot of success.

One of the main problems people talk about is that Vector targets mainly college students.  It is hard to think that they can operate at a highly successful level by targeting mainly college kids.  It also begs the question why they do this.  Some think it is because college students are more susceptible to being taken advantage of, and if this is why VM targets them it does not look good.

Vector Marketing Review – The Real Problem

With any direct sales/network marketing company the eventual problem business builders face is lead generation.  They are taught to go out and hit up family and friends to buy products and see if they are interested in becoming business partners.  While this strategy can give you an initial boost of business, it is not really a sustainable plan.

To succeed in network marketing, not only do you need to find a solid customer base, but you also need a steady flow of leads to potentially become business partners with.  No leads, and your business will suffer.  You can do well by just selling products, but the big money is made when you develop a team, and teach them to become successful.

 Never Run Out of Leads

The internet is a great way to generate leads for your business every day.  A lot of people are intimidated by this notion, and they think it takes massive technical skills to go online.  This is not the case.

To ensure you never run out of leads to talk to, find a reputable online marketing training platform for network marketing and dig in.  If you can leverage the power of the net, including social networks like Facebook and Twitter you can generate leads every single day.  To succeed with Vector Marketing, this is what you need to do.

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