jessica higdon 10k social media recruiting formula reviewI recently decided to purchase the Jessica Higdon 10K Social Media Recruiting Formula.  This review is geared towards those of you whom are considering this course, but are on the fence because you are not 100% sure what it entails.  Worry no more, because I am going to thoroughly review this course, so you know exactly what it is and IF it is worth the money.

I am a blogger.  I generate leads for my business with this blog, and other content websites I have online.  I love to write, and know that it is a great way to brand myself, and acquire leads 24/7, 365 days a year.  However, blogging is a passive marketing strategy, meaning it takes time to get momentum.  Facebook marketing is an active marketing strategy, one that can produce INSTANT results if done right.  That was the lure for me to buy the course.

Now you know why I bought the course, let’s dive in to my complete Jessica Higdon 10K Social Media Recruiting Formula review now.

My Thoughts on This Course

I think if you are even half aware, you will notice I am a fan of this course.  I have a picture and a link to it on the side bar of my website, right there for everyone to see, no matter what page of my site they are on.  So yes, I personally endorse this course, but why?

Note – There are a lot of reasons why I love this course.  This post will be very lengthy, and full of information so stretch your legs now, grab a coffee, beer, water, or whatever it is you are thirsty for and get ready to read all about this course.

Why I loved the Jessica Higdon 10K Social Media Recruiting Formula

I am a fan of great content and information.  I love when I buy a course and it over delivers on value.  I had a hunch it would be like that because I purchased Ray’s Pro Blog Academy a few years back, and it seriously over delivered on value as well.  Some people just like to give the goods, and that is exactly what Jessica does in this course!

The course is made up of 4 modules.  By then end of the course you will be equipped with all of the knowledge you need to start generating leads with social media.  The only thing that could possibly stop you from having success with this training is you.  So if you decide to take the plunge, and buy the course make sure you are prepared to implement what you learn and take massive action.  That is the key to success with ANY marketing strategy.

A Breakdown of the 4 Modules

Jessica Higdon 10K Module 1Module 1: Profile Positioning and Branding – After you initially contact someone, the first thing someone will do is head over to your profile to check you out.  Ideally, your profile will create curiosity for them, and entice them to keep the flow of communication going.

Some of the biggest mistakes you can make here are:

  • No banner/cover photo, or having one that is company branded not YOU branded.
  • Displaying religious or political beliefs (unless they are your target market).
  • An unclear profile pciture.
  • Not you in your profile photo, ie a cat, pet, kid or anything else.  Make sure YOU are in the pic!
  • You aren’t smiling in the pictures.  People want to work with happy people, so SMILE!!!  🙂
  • No contact information in your About section.
  • Too much pitching in your posts.. This is a HUGE mistake a ton of people make.

The goal with your personal profile should be to establish credibility.  Keep it positive, post pictures of you, company events, stay away from negativity, don’t bash other companies, be yourself and have fun with it!

This is just a taste of what you will learn in module 1.  For the sake of keeping this post somewhat short, I am leaving some things out.  Click here to get access it all.

Jessica Higdon 10k Module 2Module 2: Finding Your Ideal Prospect – The first thing you need to do is ask yourself who it is you want to work with?  The bottom line is not everyone will be attracted to you, and if you target people with similar interests you stand the best chance to make good connections.

Write it out.  Ask yourself, what does this person do?  How old are they (age range)?  Where are they from?  What type of personality do they have?  Specific gender?  Write these things out, and visualize who and what your ideal prospect will look like.  This will help you clarify your target market.

  • Searching groups and pages to find people to prospect – Finding people on Facebook and other social media sites will require you to find groups and pages to engage in.  If you are in a health and wellness company, obviously you will want to search for groups and pages that are relevant to that.   General pages like Robert Kiyosaki, Dani Johnson, and Randy Gage are a good place to go to find people interested in entrepreneurship.  There are a lot of people on those pages marketing, so it is possible you get pitched by others as well when you comment.

What qualities to look for in people?

  • Agreeable
  • Speak from experience
  • Positive attitude
  • Do they show power or weakness
  • Are they active
  • Are they open minded

There are billions of people on social media.  Finding your ideal prospect is very attainable, but don’t get discouraged if it is more difficult at first.  Like anything else, you will get better and more efficient with practice.

Module 2 also talks about sending your first contact message, and gives some tips for ensuring your prospect opens your message.  Using these tips you will likely get an open rate of at least 80%, which is very good.

In a nutshell, your first message should include:

  • Their first name.  ===>  Hello First name.
  • Why you are messaging.
  • Deliver a compliment.  This will require you to look over their profile.
  • Question.  ===>  What do you do for a living?

First message don’ts:

  • Send messages to quickly (space them out throughout the day)
  • Don’t copy and paste a generic or same message to everyone
  • Don’t send links EVER in your first message
  • And more…  Click here to access all of the information.

Module 2 will have you set and ready to identify your ideal prospect, show you how to find them, and tell you what to say when you do.  This is the core of module 2, but rest assured there is plenty more in there!

Jessica Higdon 10k Module 3Module 3: Creating Instant Rapport – If you can figure out how people think, you will be able to recruit at will.  In this module, Jessica will show you how to instantly create a solid rapport with prospects, and she gives you her Expert Rapport Formula, that if you follow you can’t miss.

Module 3 of the Jessica Higdon 10K Social Media Recruiting Formula will help you to get inside the heads of your prospects.  Jess will teach you how to identify what personality type each person is.  This is crucial because it can help you determine which  direction to take the conversation.

Also included in module 3 are scripts for how to talk about what you do to people in MLM, and not in MLM.  Obviously you want to talk to those 2 groups of people in a different tone, and you will be given tried and true scripts to use in each situation.  Heck, she will even tell you how to handle people that are pitching you, so you will find yourself in the drivers seat next time it happens.  I used to get mad when this happened, not anymore!!   🙂

The heart of this module teaches you how to dig, and find out all about your prospect through questions and statements.  Asking questions and saying certain things at the right times can really help you steer the conversation right where you want it to go.  There is a psychological approach to this, and Jess will teach you all about that a now to unlock the awesomeness!

Click Here Now to Unleash the Awesomeness!

And last but not least, module 4..  What would be the icing on the cake?  There is already a ton of epic information in the first 3 modules, what could make it even better?


Jessica Higdon 10k Module 4Module 4: Closing Techniques – The goal/end game is 1 thing… To get people viewing your presentation about your company or offer.  This module will go over a lot of good stuff, including:

  • Closing lines and scripts
  • When to share your presentation
  • No pressure closing skills
  • Follow up techniques
  • And much more…

Jessica provides you with some of her most effective closing scripts she has.  These are the exact scripts she uses when prospecting on social media, so if you get this far with someone and put them to use you can feel good about your chances!

She also tells you which scripts work best with each of the 4 different personality types.  She really leaves nothing to chance.  If you can learn and implement, you can sponsor!

Like I said, this course really over delivers on value.  You will also learn about some of the things Jessica says to create urgency and excitement.  Things you are probably doing now are most likely wrong and ineffective.  This course will put an end to all of that and teach you a method of recruiting and sponsoring that can help you create ultimate success with your business because it is easily duplicated, and that my friends is what it is all about!!

Okay, my fingers are now bleeding 🙂

So my Jessica Higdon 10K Social Media Recruiting Formula review is nearing and end (I know, thank the lord right!!).  I apologize for the length of this review, but I really wanted to be thorough.  Any time I recommend something, especially with a lofty price tag like this I like to be sure I deliver all of the information you need to make the best decision for you, and I hope I have done that!

Like this on facebook..  Heck, love it and share it!  You never know who’s life you might change!

PS – Thanks again for reading this Jessica Higdon 10K Social Media Recruiting Formula review!  This course is awesome, and loaded with value.  CLICK HERE now to learn more about this course.  Always feel free to contact me for more information.

Til Next Time!

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