small home business ideasWhen you begin your search for small home business ideas, it is not uncommon to become inundated with offers and advertisements.  The fact of the matter is that there are hundreds and hundreds of opportunities you could partake in, but it really is up to you based on what your passions in life are.  This article will share my story within the home business arena, and tell you about my stops along the way.

Small Home Business Ideas – My Search

Rewind back to about 2007.  I am a lifelong machinist, working for a family business.  We had experienced some great success with our business, but that quickly changed as our customers began outsourcing work to other countries.  The trickle down effect made its way all the down the line to small business like ours, and we were in trouble.

Unfortunately, it came down to the point where I was collecting unemployment.  Every day at work I could see my Dad (the boss man) going crazy.  Hours would pass and the phone wouldn’t ring, nothing…

I personally was struggling, and made some poor decisions around that time in my personal life.  Things I look back on now and am grateful for, because they shaped me into who I am right now.

While reading online, I found some information about small home business ideas.  I quickly became very interested.  To me, the thought of working from home sounded awesome, and I began to dig in.

It was the typical story for me.  I fell for a few of the scams and shiny objects that crossed my path, but eventually stumbled into a pretty reputable and legitimate place to learn affiliate marketing, called Wealthy Affiliate.

I called Wealthy Affiliate my home for almost 5 years.  I worked through the training, made friends, and ended up building some pretty successful affiliate sites, as well as earned some business from local businesses looking for a better web presence.  It worked out well, and I am glad I found them!

** If you want to learn about affiliate marketing, check out Wealthy Affiliate HERE.

After experiencing some success online, something just happened one day.  A friend of mine and I crossed paths, and he was working on his computer.  Naturally, I asked what he was working on.  To make a long story short, it turned out he was online prospecting for his network marketing business.

I had never really known what he did until that day, I just knew he did well for himself.  Naturally, it turned out he prospected me, piqued my interest, and I decided at that point to combine my skills with online marketing, and build a network marketing business.  I was combining 2 small home business ideas!

Small Home Business Ideas – What Are Your Options?

Marketing online can mean a large number of things, and there are many ways you can make money.  Affiliate marketing is very popular, and that is basically when you sell other peoples products and earn a commission. is one of the largest affiliate programs there is, so you can find just about anything to sell you ever dreamed of!

Network marketing is another great small home business idea.  This is an exciting business to be part of, and if you get after it and make things happen you can experience success beyond your wildest imaginations.  In fact, every year, more millionaires are created from the MLM industry than any other industry.

What other business opportunity can you buy into for a few hundred dollars, and have the potential to earn so much?  There aren’t any.  Starting your own franchise is a costly venture, and there is hardly any guarantee of success there either.  Network marketing gives you the chance to be your own boss, and run a business for very little overhead in comparison to a brick and mortar business.

These 2 small home business ideas are there for the taking, however, they take a lot of work.  People often confuse internet and network marketing for pie in the sky, smoke and mirror type opportunities.  That couldn’t be further from the truth, and the ones that are earning a ton of money will tell you they worked their tales off to get it.

What Next?

What next depends on you.  Are you seriously looking for small home business ideas or are you just checking out the landscape, seeing what is out there?

I mentioned Wealthy Affiliate above.  WA is a great place to get involved in the world of online marketing.  They have a Starter Membership option, which is TOTALLY FREE.  It is a good way to get your foot in the door, and see what it is all about.  Their Premium Membership costs $47 per month, but comes with many more features and much more training.  If you want to check WA out, or start your free membership CLICK HERE NOW.

If network marketing is something that sounds interesting to you go ahead and contact me so we can chat.  I can point you in the right direction, and tell you about some of the great opportunities out there.

I hope you enjoyed this post.  Please leave me a comment and/or share on facebook if you did!

PS – There are a lot of legitimate small home business ideas out there.  There are a lot of scams too.  Always research a company or product before pulling out your credit card.  If you need a little guidance into the world of home business, contact me today and let’s discuss your situation.

Til Next Time!

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