MLM prospecting tipsWe all do it at some point in our network marketing career.  We all head over to Google at some point and search for things like MLM prospecting tips, and other phrases that we think hold the key to our success.

Is network marketing success found by combing Google for answers?  It doesn’t hurt to do this.  More knowledge can really help you get to where you want to be faster, so by all means comb away!

For all network marketers, prospecting is part of life.  Spreading the word, talking to people, and following up are all just part of daily life.  However, there is something I have learned that I think many people miss all together, and that is the importance of collecting as many no’s as possible.

No’s?  Is this guy Josh Parker crazy?

Let me explain this before you bolt outa here :)…

MLM Prospecting Tips – Collect No’s & Achieve Success!

I have recently read this book ==> Go for No! Yes is the Destination, No is How You Get There.  This book really opened my eyes to a few things, and if you ever have the chance to pick up a copy I HIGHLY recommend doing that.

The main take away from this book is that to be successful in sales, whether you have a network marketing job or a conventional sales position, you  need to collect as many no’s as you can.  Why?

Because the more no’s you get means the more action you are taking.  If you are taking massive action, chances are good you will get a lot of no’s, however, you will also get yes’s as well.

Some people in sales type business will set a goal of # of sales or closes in a week.  In network marketing, we set goals similar to that as well.  Instead of setting sales or closing goals, why not set goals to get X number of no’s instead?

Why?  Think about this.

Let’s just say your goal is to close 3 new people every week, and by Tuesday you reach that goal you then decide you have earned the rest of the week off.  What if instead, you decide you want to get 30 no’s.

Now, instead of stopping because you have acquired your 3 yes’s you keep going until you get 30 no’s.  What if you go that route, and you acquire 7 yes’s that week as a result?  Do you see the power of going for no?

Which strategy do you think is going to yield better results?

The one that set’s a goal that includes the number of yes’s they want to hit is limiting his or her chances of massive success.  The name of the game is to make money, and it makes much more sense to focus on activity, and getting as many no’s as you possible can, because when you do this you will ultimately get many more yes’s along the way!

I would imagine a lot of other MLM prospecting tips you read about will talk about closing, and getting yes’s, when in reality it is the no’s that we need to keep things moving forward.  There will ALWAYS be more no’s than yes’s, therefore we need to collect as many of those as possible to ensure we are getting a maximum number of yes’s to boot!

I hope you enjoyed these MLM prospecting tips!  Network marketing is a great business.  What other business can you go into for yourself for a few hundred dollars, and have the potential to make 6 and 7 figure incomes in just a few years?  Of course, it is not easy and requires a ton of hard work, but it is possible and ANYONE can do this!  That is exciting!

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