MLM Tips - I Have no MoneyNot all MLM tips are equal. Learning how to handle the “I have no money to get started” objection is definitely one thing you will want to learn how to do, because if you are actively prospecting you will hear this one with absolute certainty.

First off, when people tell you they have no money to start, this is RARELY the case.  To put it bluntly, people lie.  However, there is a reason many people do this, and it happens when people feel you are trying to sell them something.

To avoid this reaction, don’t be pushy.  Ask questions.  Listen to what people want, need, and desire.  This will tell you a lot about what they are looking for in life, and will help you strategically provide a solution afterwords.

For some reason, and I don’t want to get all all psychological here, but people see more hurt in buying than pleasure.  It is the way we are wired as humans.  The mind is not programmed to always see the positive side of things, and that is a basic defense mechanism that we need to help prospects get past.

Ask questions ==> Listen ==> Identify the pain ==> Provide a solution

MLM Prospecting Tips – Scripts You Can Use

There are things you can say when people bust out the no cash comments.  Here are some of the scripts I keep in mind when I run into this objection:

“I appreciate your honesty, and in spite of  not having the money, isn’t the real question how you can start enjoying the training and benefits right now without further suffering?”

“If you had worked out the money issues, what would have been the main factor that inspired you to come up with the cash?”

Questions like this will help you determine just how serious the person is, which can help with how you proceed.  Remember, money is RARELY the real problem.  You need to dig to find the real problems, then address those concerns.

 Final Thoughts…

final thoughtsWhenever prospecting people that are not involved in network marketing, or are skeptical of the business model the no money objection is sure to come up.

To totally avoid stuff like this, you can target people that are already involved in network marketing because they believe in the business model, and you do not need to convince them.  This can be done by leveraging an attraction marketing system.  Read about the #1 attraction marketing system for network marketers  here.

Note – There will be instances when someone really does not have the money to join, so be sure to use your best judgement.  In most cases, people do have the money but are saying this because of other objections, but you might run into people that really don’t, so be careful and respectful at all times.

I hope you found this post helpful.  Check back often for more MLM prospecting tips tohelp build your business.  Please comment below and let me know your thoughts.  Also, feel free to share via social media if you think others would find this helpful!

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