MLM scamsUnfortunately, MLM scams exist.  Bad companies come and go, and in their short time here they manage to give the entire industry a black eye.  Now every time you talk to someone about your opportunity you have to deal with words like pyramids and scam.  It is what it is, and that part will never change.  This article will give you some things to watch out for that will give you a better idea if the company you are thinking about joining is indeed a scam.

MLM Scams – What to Watch Out For

Here I am going to list some things you can keep in mind when looking out for possible MLM scams.

  • Hype – Pure hype is bad.  Over hype is bad.  If you come across a company that makes promises that seem to good to be true, then they probably are.  If these companies make success seem easy, run away.  While it is okay for companies to be excited, it is wrong to play on pure hype, and mislead people into thinking that success is automatic upon joining.  Any legitimate network marketing company, or standard business for that matter knows better, and you won’t see the good ones doing this.
  • Products – Companies that advertise their products as miracle working products, or over hype the products in the same way as the business model look elsewhere.  Again, it is normal and great for companies and distributors to be biased toward their own products, but leave it up to the consumers to decide.  A good company will stand up to the test of time, and have quality products backing them up.  The last thing you want is to get involved with a company with crappy products, that would make your job pretty tough.
  • Focus on Recruiting – If someone is trying to get you into their MLM, and tells you the best way to make money is to bring other people into the business it’s a good indication that you should decline.  Any legitimate company will have legitimate products, which is what will actually sustain their business.  Companies that pay out strictly for recruitment will get lumped into that pyramid label (rightfully so), and will not last.  Take Fortune Hi Tech for example.  This company was recently shut down for conducting business in this manner, and if the company you are thinking of joining conducts business in the same fashion it is only a matter of time before they get the axe too.
  • Pressure to Go All In – No matter what MLM you decide to get involved with, there will be start up costs.  However, when a company pressures you to buy everything there is up front it is time to run and hide, immediately!  Companies like this prey on newcomers, and most likely end up out of business and you are left scratching your head wondering if you will ever be able to recoup your losses.  Unfortunately, the answer to that is most always NO.  It is worth noting, network marketing is one, if not the only home business opportunity you can start a business for yourself with and become wealthy.  Just make sure you are not pressured to make a massive purchase upon joining, because that spells SHADY!
  • BBB – You can always check out the Better Business Bureau if you are curious or concerned.  In fact, no matter what company you decide to join this is never a bad idea.  If their rating is low, and they have all sorts of negative activity there you might want to consider finding another company.

If you stick to these guidelines you will be able to sniff out MLM scams with ease.  Always perform your due diligence when starting a business.  If you are going to stick your name to the company and it’s products just make sure you are picking a winner.  With all of the great network marketing companies out there, there really is no reason to get caught up with a bad one.

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