MLM SponsoringI consider myself to be lucky.  I was introduced to MLM sponsoring by a friend, and great leader named Matt Paddock.  Matt has shown me what it means to be a good sponsor, and I have learned a lot about what that role entails.  In this article, I will share some MLM sponsoring tips with you, and share my thoughts on what your role is as a sponsor and leader.

If you are going to want MLM sponsoring tips, then it makes sense for me to include some qualities a good sponsor should posses, so I hope this article will provide you with some value.

MLM Sponsoring Tips

  • MLM Sponsoring - ActivityFocus on Activity – One thing you must do if you want to sponsor reps into your primary company is to focus on activity, not the results.  I know this sounds hard, but don’t get tied up into the results, stay focused on the activities that will bring you no’s and yes’s.  The bottom line is that most people are not going to be interested in your business opportunity, and you will get a lot of no’s, but the important thing is to never stop partaking in the activities that yield those answers. Try to always have an abundance mindset.
  • Social Media – Social media platforms like Facebook, and Twitter are awesome places to prospect people.  Now I do not mean spamming your company product links or biz op links all over the place and telling people to click them.  That is called spamming, and it doesn’t work.  The best thing you can do is provide value, create engagement, and build relationships.  You can learn exactly how to master MLM sponsoring on website like Facebook by clicking HERE.
  • Get Local – Almost all cities and towns have small business groups.  Many of these groups work on passing work on to each other and giving referrals when the opportunity arises.  Getting involved in these types of groups is a great idea, and gives you the opportunity of let all of the other business owners what you are doing, which can arouse some curiosity and ultimately lead to you sponsoring them into your business.  Another think you can do locally is get listed with the local Chamber of Commerce.  It might cost a little money, but is well worth it.  One last place to check for local groups and events is a website called  You can find a lot of great groups that can help you build your business by getting involved.

These 3 tips can help stimulate MLM sponsoring for your primary business.  Remember that it takes consistent actions, and if you stay with it you will get better at it and produce better results.  The key is not to become discouraged and get impatient.  Network marketing is a great business, but is not a pie in the sky/get rich quick scheme, it takes hard work to become successful.

Now that we have some MLM sponsoring tips, I want to share some thoughts on what it means to be a good sponsor.  This is my opinion, and one I have formed from watching my sponsor in action.

MLM Sponsoring – Becoming a Leader

LeadershipSponsoring people into your primary business will put you into a leadership position.  Not everyone in network marketing embraces this role, or really understands what is expected.

First off, what help you build your business?  It’s simple, helping others in your downline build theirs!  Therefore, make time for them, teach them everything you know, be there to encourage them, and offer your time in 3 way calls and do everything possible to equip them to succeed!

True leaders are not afraid to see other people succeed, they want to see it.  True leaders leaders have posture, and don’t let others talk down to them.  Part of MLM sponsoring is becoming that leader.  You need to conquer all fears you have about it and do whatever necessary to make yourself better, and bring more value to the table.  In network marketing, people join people so the more you have to offer the easier sponsoring will become.

It’s not about where you are now, it’s about where you are going!  People can see that, and you have the ability to attract people to you by creating that vibe.

I hope this post about MLM sponsoring has been of value to you.  If so, please share via Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Google+, and Pinterest for me and leave me a comment below.  I would love to hear your thoughts on this topic!

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