mlm sponsoring tipsAlmost every struggling network marketer has been online at some point, searching for MLM sponsoring tips.  It is totally normal to turn to the internet when you are struggling, and look for answers.  The fact of the matter is that sponsoring reps into your network marketing company will come down one thing, exposures.  Therefore, getting as many leads as you can will turn into more exposures.  It is a numbers game.

MLM Sponsoring Tips – Getting Leads

The more leads you can get, the more exposures you will get.  And obviously, the more exposures you present, the more sponsoring you will do!  It sounds easy, right?

While the formula is simple, the process can be quite challenging.  We all know that generating leads for MLM is tough, but a crucial part of the equation for sure.

Traditionally, after you join a network marketing company, your upline will tell you to make a list, or to go and talk to all of your friends and family about your products and your new business opportunity.  That’s all fine and dandy and will probably yield some positive results.  You will most likely end up with some new customers, and possibly someone to join you in the business.  You will be off and running!

Then…  You run out of leads.  No one to talk to about the products or the business.  You go back over the list, and hit up the ones that were not interested the first time around.  Some of those people get annoyed, now friendships are on the line.  Where do you go?

The Answer…

MLM sponsoring is about getting more leads, and more exposures.  Those 2 things will lead to more sponsoring activities.  Getting the leads is the most important part of the equation, so you have to learn to find a steady flow of leads you can put into the funnel.  Without a doubt, the best place to do that is online.

Like you, I once searched for MLM sponsoring tips.  I had done some online marketing in the past, but not for my network marketing business, so I was a little hesitant to pull out the credit card and sign on to a training platform.

So I began to do my research.  I spent hours and hours online, reading stories about these people crushing it with their MLM home business by generating boat loads of leads online, and sponsoring people in their sleep.  There was 1 thing I was noticing from all of these stories, and that was that all of these people were members of a community called My Lead System Pro (MLSP).

At that point, I decided to check it out.  The trial membership meant I could take a look inside for very cheap, which was a nice feature.  Well, almost 2 years later I am still there and cannot imagine doing business in MLM or online without it!  Check out my comprehensive MLSP review HERE.

MLM Sponsoring Tips – From Lead to Team Member

MLM team memberGenerating leads online is great, but you need to be able to take leads from phase 1 to phase 2, and get them signed up on your team.  The beauty is that online you can actually start building rapport with someone long before you ever speak a word to them!

Whether you are marketing through a blog (like this one) or shooting videos, marketing online gives you a chance to start building rapport with prospects before you ever talk to them in person.  Videos and blogs are great, because it gives these folks a chance to see who you are, and what you are all about.  The ones you connect with will pursue you, and the ones that you don’t, won’t.  It’s the same offline in that regard.

The ultimate goal is to sponsor people into your MLM business.  The warm market is a good way to start, and the internet is a great way to go from there.  There are hundreds of thousands of people on sites like Google, YouTube, and Facebook every second of every day.  These people are looking for products and business opportunities you have to offer.  If you can position your content in front of those people, things will look very bright!  Now go and get it!

If these MLM sponsoring tips were helpful to you, they will be helpful to others.  Please be kind and share on Facebook and/or leave me a comment below letting me know your thoughts!

PS – If you lack leads you will never sponsor anyone.  MLSP is the tool/training/community you need to take your business to the next level by harnessing the internet.  For only $2 (Yes, $2) you can test drive this amazing training platform and see for yourself what so many others are raving about, including myself.  MLSP is for people that are serious about success.  If that is you, CLICK HERE now to take your $2 test drive!  Feel free to Contact Me any time if you have questions.

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