MLSP Mastery ReviewThanks for checking out this MLSP Mastery review!  Did my headline grab your attention?  If so, I am doing something right!  This article will take you by the hand and tell you about all the bells and whistles a MLSP Mastery membership comes with.  The good news is that people curious about this membership can test drive it for 10 days for only $10!!

This MLSP Mastery review is my own review that I have formulated from my time spent at My Lead System Pro, which is almost 1.5 years as of summer 2013.

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Are you familiar with MLSP, or are you wondering what is MLSP?  In short, My Lead System Pro is a training program/community that teaches you how to get more leads and more money in your business, plain and simple.  While this is a very basic explanation, it is what goes on behind the scenes that makes it all so special.

What is it everyone needs to flourish in network marketing?  The answer is simple, leads and money.  No leads, you are toast.  No money, you are toast.  MLSP Mastery is all about teaching you to get those leads, and earn some cash doing it!

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MLSP Mastery Review – What You Really Get

Now for the nuts and bolts of the post.  What do you actually get with an MLSP Mastery membership?  Let me explain!

  • Training – You will trained from the most successful online network marketers known to man.  Whether you want to master facebook, blogging, or conquer YouTube, MLSP has you covered.  The training never gets outdated, as every week new training webinars are held so you can be sure all material is ALWAYS current.
  • Community – Invaluable.  I cannot put a dollar figure on how important the community is.  What you have is thousands of other marketers coming together to help each other out.  You will find master marketers, complete newbies, and everything in between.  The community sticks together, and you will never have a question go unanswered.
  • Leadership – MLSP is littered with awesome leaders, and guess what?  They teach you to become the same thing.  People follow leaders, and the best way to achieve network marketing success is to become more valuable to others, and become a better leader.  Do this, and people will chase you down, not the opposite.
  • Cash Flow – Like I said before, MLSP teaches you to get the leads, and earn while doing so.  The MLSP Mastery membership allows you to earn 100% commissions on all of the training products MLSP has in their library.  We are not talking about $20 commissions here, we are talking big boy commissions.  Many of their course carry affiliate commissions of over $250 for a single sale!  Imagine the possibilities!  Here is a screenshot of some recent activity I have had marketing MLSP and the products (click to enlarge).


  • Relationships – Network marketing is all about making connections.  As I mention earlier, MLSP is a community.  The number of new friends I have acquired just by being active in the community is amazing.  It is not uncommon in this group to make new friends, and build friendships as well as business relationships, whether it is with your primary company or a joint venture, anything is possible.  MLSP is the vehicle that makes it possible.
  • Acknowledgement/Recognition – Set the world on fire with MLSP and you can guarantee you won’t ever have to chase leads around ever again, they will seek you out.  And when this happens, MLSP will recognize you and promote you and your business for you.  Hitting the Leadership levels in MLSP means more than money and leads, it means you are recognized, acknowledged, and branded as an expert.  That translates into big things!
  • And Finally, MLSP is Just Bad Ass – Excuse my language, but as I write this I just realize even more how lucky I have been to find My Lead System Pro.  I don’t write this MLSP Mastery Review with the sole intention of hyping it up, it just seems that way because I am passionate about this program, and grateful as well.  When I started here, I was not getting cold market leads, I was chasing friends and family, and frankly it sucked!  Now I run a successful blog that brings me leads, and affiliate commissions, and I partake in other online marketing strategies that do the same thing.  MLSP Mastery has changed the game for me, and many others too.  Are you next?  Go here tight now if so ==> MLSP Mastery.

I know What You Are Thinking – How Much Does MLSP Mastery Cost?

So you probably see the value here, and the next logical question would be how much does MLSP Mastery cost?  As I said before you can test drive this system for only $10.  Yep, $10 will get you in so you can take a closer look, however, once your trial is up the monthly fee to be a Mastery member is $150.

While it may sound like a lot now, just think of how miniscule it will seem when you are generating 5, 10, or more $250 affiliate commissions per month, and getting paid residuals for the members you refer!

My Lead System Pro does have other membership tiers, but they don’t offer many of the kick ass goodness of Mastery.  So if you go Academy ($19 per month), Gold ($50 per month), or Platinum ($100 per month) you will ultimately do the same amount of marketing for one third of the commissions…  Doesn’t make much sense, does it?

MLSP Mastery Review – What Next?

So you know what MLSP is all about now, and you know the cost.  Logically, the next thing would be what next?  Well, that depends on you…

Are you serious about your business?  Are you ready to take your business online?  Are you ready to learn, earn, and kick some serious butt?  If so, the next step would be to take the test drive!  You can do that RIGHT HERE.

*Note – I know there are a lot of scams online these days, and it is totally normal to go in with your guard up.  It is actually smart.  That’s why if you have questions about this, or just want to talk to a real person you can call me personally at (262) 607-2034 and I will share my thoughts with you, and answer any other questions you have.  I would NEVER put my neck on the line for something dishonest, and I invite you to call me to chat any time!

Closing Thoughts…

I applaud you for reading this entire MLSP Mastery review!  That just told me how serious about your business you really are!  I know it was long, but I wanted to be thorough so you can walk away with the knowledge you need to make the best decision for you.

Check out this MLSP Mastery back office video tour I shot:

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PS – This MLSP Mastery review was aimed for serious people that want to take their business to the next level.  MLSP has been a total game changer for me, and I am extremely grateful I found it (Thanks Tanya ;))!  Anyone can experience greatness, and MLSP gives you the tools and support to make it happen.  CLICK HERE NOW to test drive Mastery for only $10, and see for yourself what this is all about!

Til Next Time!

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