My Lead System Pro ReviewWelcome to my personal My Lead System Pro Review!  I have been a member with My Lead System Pro (MLSP) for almost 1 year now and wanted to share my experience with you and provide you with some tips for success!

I am glad you found this My Lead System Pro review.  I know what it is like when you are online searching for an answer, and all you get is fluff and hype.  While I do believe MLSP is worthy of some hype it is not the approach I am going to take in this review.  I want to tell you exactly what you get, and the pros and cons of this program the way I see it.  I hope you find it helpful!

My lead System Pro Review – Let’s Get Started

MLSP was created for one reason, to help struggling network marketers and online marketers put the pieces of the puzzle together.  The goal of the system is to offer first class training and to provide you with tools that can help you get past any technical worries you may have.  Things like capture pages and auto responders (sorry if these are foreign right now) are provided to help you capture leads, and then follow up with them.  They make those parts of the equation simple, so you can focus purely on marketing.

MLSP Marketing StrategiesBefore you get scared, the marketing is covered in in depth training seminars.  The back office of MLSP is littered with high quality training videos that show you methods and strategies you can use to get leads.  The picture to the right shows the many different marketing strategies that are covered in great detail in your back office.  It is up to you to pick a strategy and learn everything you can about it.

When you pick a strategy you are taken to a page that has video training tutorials that were created by some of the best marketers online, and they show you step by step how to market the lead capture pages MLSP provides for you in an easy to follow manner.  To say no technical skill is required is a small exaggeration, but you can market online with MLSP with very little technical knowledge, so don’t let that fear be an obstacle!

My Lead System Pro Review – Getting Leads

Once you join MLSP you will go through a Simple Start Up process.  That series of videos will actually tech you how to generate some leads before you ever dive in to the Marketing Strategies section!  If you are active on Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Google +, or Pinterest MLSP will show you how to leverage those networks and generate some leads right off the bat!

Once you progress through the simple start up, you will be familiar with the phrase attraction marketing.  This is the core principle of MLSP, and you don’t want to miss that so take your time there and be sure you understand what that is about.

At this point you will be advised to check out the Marketing Strategies.  MLSP will tell you to pick one and master it.  The reason for this is by trying to figure out numerous strategies you can spread yourself to thin and not be effective at any of them, and that is bad.

What WILL happen is if you follow the training, and most importantly TAKE ACTION on the things they teach, you will start generating leads for your business every day, even when you are asleep.  How cool is that?

Here is a screenshot of some activity I have had generating leads with the methods I learned at MLSP:

MLSP Leads

While this may not seem like a lot of leads to some, it is HUGE for me.  Numbers wise it is okay, but it PROVES to me that the actions I take as a result of what I learn at MLSP will generate leads for my business.  We all know finding people to talk to and getting leads is the name of the game, and My Lead System Pro will absolutely TEACH you how to do this.  Let me repeat that, it will TEACH YOU HOW, not do it for you.

My lead System Pro Review – What to do With Leads

When you get to the point where leads are coming in it is VERY exciting.  Luckily for MLSP members, there is training in the back office that explains exactly what to say to these leads.

The goal is not to come out and pitch someone on your primary business or MLSP, it is to feel them out and find out what their struggles are.  Doing so can reveal to you a few things you need to know:

  • Are they already in a primary
  • Are they happy in their primary
  • Are they looking to join a primary
  • Are they just tired of chasing their friends and family
  • Are they looking to take their business online
  • Etc…

By finding out little bits of information like this it will help you decide which path to take with that particular prospect.  What I mean is — If they are already in a primary business and are happy, but just want to learn how to market online you lead with MLSP.  If they are not in a primary and are looking to join one you will want to lead with your primary, then MLSP down the road.  It’s as simple as that.  The best part is you can earn some pretty hefty commissions by promoting MLSP, so even if they say no to your primary, you can still earn some money from them!  In fact, here is a screenshot of some recent activity I have had with MLSP (Leads and Commissions):

MLSP Commissions

MLSP has given me the ability to generate leads, get people into my primary, and earn affiliate commissions that help fund my marketing. Is that something you could use?

So there you have it folks.  That is the good with MLSP.  There is actually much more to it than that, but it is hard to lay out the entire benefits this program has to offer in an article like this.

To be true to my word, I am going to tell you about some of the things I don’t like about MLSP, the cons.

My Lead System Pro Review – The Cons

This was the most challenging part of this post.  It’s not because I feel MLSP is perfect.  Every program does have flaws.  Some of the things I think people struggle in MLSP with is this:

  • Cost – MLSP has 4 tiers of membership, ranging from $20 per month to $150 per month.  Obviously at the $150 price tag you have more options and more features of the system.  However, at just $19 per month you can get in and see what it’s all about, which is not much of an investment in the big picture.
  • You Can Lose Focus – Because there is so much material inside the back office of My Lead System pro, it can become easy to get distracted and lose focus of what you are doing.  There are a lot of marketing strategies they teach, and if you are not careful you can end up bouncing around, and not mastering any of them.  When it comes to online marketing, a jack of all trades and a master of none is no good!
  • It’s Merely a Tool – Will a hammer pound a nail if you don’t swing the hammer?  No, it won’t.  MLSP is the same concept.  One problem I see is all the hype, so when people are online searching for a good My Lead System Pro review they ultimately come across pictures of checks, trips and other pictures of the good life.  What is not showing is the hard work and sweat these people have put in to make that a reality.  So just know this – MLSP is a tool, that is used properly can help  you achieve some awesome things in your business.

That is it for cons.  To be honest, there is not a lot wrong with this program.  If you take the actions they teach you WILL get leads, sign ups, and commissions for your business.  If you don’t take those actions, you won’t.  It’s that simple.  So it really boils down to how badly do you want it?

 My Lead System Pro Review – Final Thoughts

My Lead System Pro Review - Final ThoughtsI know, this post was long, but I really wanted to give you the goods, so you know what MLSP can provide.  Like anything else in the world, there are going to be lovers and there are going to be haters.  I am one of the MLSP lovers, and it is easy to see why.  It has taught me how to connect with people from all over the world that I would have NEVER had a chance to connect with otherwise, and that is good for my business.

To top it all of, I have formed some great relationships within the community, and am happy to call it home.  The support I get there is second to none and think the value is worth 10 fold.

If you have more questions about MLSP I would be happy to answer them for you.  Contact Me any time and we can talk more about this.

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