network markeing leadsAre you looking for more targeted network marketing leads?  Since you are reading this page I guess the answer is most likely yes!  That’s great, because taking action to find solutions to your struggles is a key step in overcoming those  struggles.  This post is geared for people struggling to generate leads in the MLM business, and I will share some things I have learned that have helped me and can help you as well.

Finding Network Marketing Leads Online

There was a point when I was not having any luck finding people to talk to in my warm market.  I was frustrated, and didn’t see how I would make it all work.  I really wanted to succeed with MLM, but finding customers and prospects was tough, so I started looking online for a solution.

I did my research, and started reading articles about people that were generating boat loads of network marketing leads online, and it immediately piqued my curiosity.  So, I dug deeper to see what it was all about.

I read more and more about people generating leads, making sales, signing up people into their business and I was hooked.  This is how I wanted to build my business, because harassing my friends and family got old quick.

After hours and hours of researching, I decided to join an online marketing training platform.  The last thing I wanted to do was waste my time doing things the wrong way.  I like to see how successful people do it, then mimic their actions, so that is what I began doing.

For you, finding network marketing leads online means you will have to learn how to market.  Not just the products, but the business opportunity as well.  After all, it is leads we are after.  The best course of action is to pick 1 marketing strategy and start taking massive action.  You WON”T get massive results unless you take massive action, plain and simple.

Some of the most popular methods of generating network marketing leads these days are:

  • Social Media – Websites like Facebook, Twitter, Google +, Linkedin, and Pinterest are all working.  People that crack the code with social media generate a lot of leads.  If you are into Facebook, click here to read about an awesome marketing tip you can use to find leads on Facebook, starting today.
  • Blogging – This website would be a great example of how a blog an be used to generate mlm leads.  The key to making money with a blog is being consistent, providing valuable content, and performing some basic on page SEO to help get your posts ranking in the search engines.
  • Video Marketing – YouTube is one of the most visited websites in the world, and one of the top 3 search engines as well.  In other words, there is a ton of people on YouTube every second of every day, and they are searching for information that you can give them.  With the proper YouTube marketing tips, you can learn how to get your videos ranking high in YouTube and Google and scoop up boat loads of traffic and leads!
  • Paid Advertising – You can pay to get traffic to your websites and offers.  This will bring fast traffic, but if you don’t know what you are doing you can spend a ton of money fast, and get poor results in the meantime.  When doing paid advertising you always need to be testing and tracking so you know which ads and campaigns are producing the best results.

These are the 4 most popular way to generate network marketing leads using the internet.  There are always other ways, but for the sake of keeping this article short and sweet I wanted to touch on the main ones.

No matter what method of marketing you choose, consistency and value will be key to your success.  If you are not providing value and taking action on a daily basis your results will reflect that.

Ask yourself this – Would you be more likely to work with someone because they simply tell you to, or would you be more likely to work with someone that brings a lot of value to the table?  That is a pretty easy questions to answer, and it is because we are more likely to partner with people that can help us reach our goals faster.  Therefore, everything you do online keep that in mind!  If you become a person of great value, you will ATTRACT people to you, and generating leads for your business will become automatic!

Did you get that part?  If you focus on value driven work, you can ATTRACT prospects to you!  This is not magic, and it does work.  You need to put the time in though, and focus on marketing the right way.

Where I Learned These Skills…

where I learned how to market onlineAs much as I would like to think that one day I woke up and knew how to market online, that is just not the case.  Anything you do in life you need to learn, and marketing online is no different.

We all have those annoying friends on social media sites that are always posting their links, or pictures of money.  If this is you I am sorry, but this is not the right way to market and it does not work.  It actually has the exact opposite effect that you think it would.  In the end, people will start flat out ignoring your posts because it will be assumed it is just another product or biz op link.  Don’t be that person!  Be better!

Back to my point though.  When I decided that I wanted to market online, so I could save myself the time and hassle of dealing with friends and family, I ended up finding a community called MLSP (My Lead System Pro).  You may or may not have heard of this community already, and if not I suggest you check out my full review HERE.

What is MLSP?  It is a training platform for marketers looking to take their business online.  It does not matter which company you are associated with, or even if you don’t have one at all.  MLSP teaches and trains you how to market online, whether you are pushing your company, or affiliate products.  The concept is the same, and they take you by the hand and show you how.

If you are after network marketing leads, and want to learn how to get them by using the internet MLSP is a wise choice.  Without exaggerating, I would estimate it can cut your time it takes you to achieve success online down by 90% if you are starting from scratch.  Seems like a no brainer, and was for me and many others.

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There you have it folks.  There are more than enough network marketing leads on the internet to go around, and the numbers increase daily.  The faster you get on board, get the training you need the faster you can claim some of those leads as your own, and start building your business.

Thank you for reading this post about MLM leads! You are still here, so I know you are dead serious about your business!  Feel free to contact me to see if I can help you or answer any questions you have.

Please share this post via social media if you found it helpful and think other might too!  I would also love to hear your comments on the post, so let me know what you think below!  Thanks!

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Til Next Time!

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