network marketing online trainingWe all know the deal.  We have gone through our warm market, leads and customers are becoming scarce, and our business is suffering.  Been there done that!  Then it dawns on us.  We start thinking about the possibilities of generating leads online.  So we head over to our friend Mr. Google, and type in a search like network marketing training online.

At that point, we become inundated with results.  Buy now.  Click Here. Claim your Free Leads!  What do we do?

Since there is so much out there for us to see, and it is hard to figure out what is real and what is fluff it is important to do some research.  One website will say one thing while another will say something totally different.  Which road do you take?

My Take

I am here to tell you how network marketing training online has changed my business.  I cannot speak for every program out there, but I can speak for a network marketing tips and training community that I belong to that has helped me build my business by teaching my how to generate a steady flow of leads for my business.  It worked for me and can work for anyone, including you.

The platform that has provided me with exceptional network marketing training online is called My lead System Pro, or MLSP for short.  MLSP is the #1 attraction marketing system for network marketers out there.  In fact, nothing even compares to it.

Do I say this just to hype you up?  No.  It is the truth.  MLSP offers network marketing training online for struggling network marketers looking to take their business online.

Does this mean you need to be a struggling MLM’er to belong to the group?  HECK NO!

MLSP has some of the best leaders in the industry, which is part of the reason why it is the best.  Every Wednesday night, one of those leaders hosts a webinar that teaches about strategies they are having success with in their own business right now.  How awesome is that?

You literally get to listen to and interact with million dollar marketers, and take the strategies they are teaching and use them in your own business.

There is a facebook group dedicated to MLSP members ONLY, and you can hop on there at any hour of the day and find help, or post something you think others may find useful too.  MLSP is a community of network marketers looking to help each other out, make connections, and encourage each other to never stop pursuing their dreams.

This all sounds great, but what about the training at MLSP?

MLSP TrainingGlad you asked!  MLSP can teach you to start generating targeted leads for your business within days of joining the community.  We are not talking about un targeted paid leads or anything like that.  We are talking about laser targeted leads, coming from people looking for exactly what you have to offer.

As I stated earlier, the Wednesday webinars are awesome.  Top notch training each and every week.  On top of that, the back office of MLSP is loaded with training tutorials and videos that will knock your socks off.  You will find training on so many different lead generation strategies.  the hard part is picking one and going to work.

It is highly recommended that you pick just one strategy when starting out and master it.  If you spend time tinkering with numerous strategies it is impossible to stay focused and get the results you want.  This is something I learned the hard way in the beginning.  Even though everyone said to pick one, I was dabbling with facebook pay per click, solo ads, blogging, and video marketing.  To be 100% honest, I was getting terrible results.  It was not until I focused my efforts on 1 strategy that I started seeing leads come in on a daily basis.

Once you get to the point where you are getting results with a single strategy, you can then branch out and explore other marketing strategies to start implementing.

MLSP offers 4 different tiers of membership options.  Here are the options and prices:

  • Academy – $19.97 per month.  This is the cheapest tier of membership at MLSP, and is a great way to kick start your network marketing training online.  Click HERE to see a video walk through of the MLSP Academy membership.  To learn more about the Academy membership option at MLSP click HERE.
  • Gold – $49.97 per month.  When you choose Gold, you will unlock a new level of training material as well as have the ability to integrate your own e mail auto responder, along with a few other perks.
  • Platinum – $99.97 per month.  Platinum will take you deeper into many of network marketing training online strategies.  It will also unlock many other features MLSP has to offer.
  • Mastery – $149.97 per month.  This is the grand daddy of them all.  Not only do you get more training, more options within MLSP, but you also get access to 100% pure profit campaigns.  What this does is gives you the ability to sell any of the products MLSP offers and keep 100% commissions!  Instead of the standard 30-50% affiliate commission, you get 100% on product sales.  It is not uncommon for Mastery members to have commissions upwards of $1,000 in a given day!  You can learn more about Mastery HERE.

My Lead System Pro is without a doubt the best network marketing training online you will find.  It provides you with all of the tools and training you need to start generating leads for your business.  To make matters even better, if you don’t sign someone up into your primary, you can still earn money to fund your business if they join you in MLSP or buy any of the products you are promoting.  Showing the value in MLSP makes it an easy sale, and you can earn some great commissions to help fund your business in the mean time.

I hope you found this post helpful.  Please comment below and let me know your thoughts.  Also, feel free to share via social media if you think others would find this useful!

To read more about the EXACT network marketing training online platform (MLSP) that has helped me start generating leads for my business every day CLICK HERE now!

Til Next Time!

Josh Parker