Buy or Sell Shaklee Products | What You Need to Know

Shaklee ProductsHello there!  I’m glad you decided to stop by and read about Shaklee products!  Whether you are looking to buy Shaklee to improve your health, or are looking into starting your own home business and need more information, this post will be exactly what you need to proceed.

Since some of you might be interested in purchasing products, and other are interested in becoming a distributor, I will break this post down into those 2 areas, and give you the information and guidance you need.  Let’s start with those of you looking to buy Shaklee products. (more…)

Shaklee India | General Information & Training

Shaklee IndiaIn 2014, Shaklee India will be upon us.  What does this mean for people in India that are interested in this opportunity?  Will Shaklee come in and make a big splash, or will this come and go like many other business opportunities before it?  Find out about more about Shaklee India, learn about pre enrollment, and get the training you need to start building your team now. (more…)

Can Network Marketing be Done Online?

can network marketing be done onlineHere’s the story.  You sign up into a network marketing company, but quickly discover how badly you hate to talk to friends and family about the business and the products.  The uncomfortable feeling you get from that experience eventually leads you to the point where you ask yourself, can network marketing be done online?  Here is what I think! (more…)

Success in Home Business Starts With Your Mindset

success in home businessWhat does it take to achieve success in home business?  So many entrepreneurs never reach their dreams of firing their bosses, and home business success fades away into nothing more than a pipe dream.  Let’s talk about how your mindset plays a big part in the equation. (more…)

Start a Part Time Home Business | Operate a Mini Office Outlet

part time home businessFinding success with a part time home business can be quite the challenge.  With all of the hype, scams, and advertisements out there all pushing and pulling you in opposite directions it’s hard to determine what is real and what is not.  In this short post, I will share some details with you regarding an opportunity that has worked for me and many others, that provides people with a step by step plan that anyone can follow. (more…)

Why Shaklee? Why Now?

Perfect Company-Perfect Timing.  Your Better Tomorrow Starts Here!

why shaklee why nowThe optimal brand partner for a person to partner with has these ingredients.  First, look for a company with a foundational heritage of being the best with a long-tenured consumer product loyalty.

Second, look for leadership who has a pedigree for success and has a consistent vision matched with consistent action. Finally, look for a company that is expanding globally, right now, especially into China and India. (more…)

Success in MLM Requires a Fisherman Mindset

fisherman mindsetWhat does it take to succeed in network marketing?  I suppose that depends on who you ask, but we know you need things like leads, cash flow, a good product, patience, and the ability to lead others.  I probably have left some other skills off the list, but I think you get the point.

To become a successful network marketer, you should learn how to have a fisherman mindset.  There are many ways network marketing is like fishing, here are a few: (more…)

Using Craigslist for MLM – Is it Worth Your Time?

craigslist for mlmHave you been on Craigslist lately?  More importantly, have you been in the help wanted section of Craigslist lately?  Holy crap, it is a free for all!  Every city, every town all day, all night, all you see is work from home, make hundreds, blah blah.  It is truly becoming inundated with stuff like this.  With that being said, is Craigslist for MLM a good choice?  Let’s discuss that shall we? (more…)