Why Pro Blog Academy is a Must Have for All Bloggers

Pro Blog Academy reviewAnyone looking to build a business up through a blog will be interested to read this Pro Blog Academy review.  I am going to give you the goods, and tell you everything I can about Pro Blog Academy to help you decide if this product is right for you.

For starters, all blogging courses are NOT created equal.  Many times, the people writing and creating the products are not getting great results with their own endeavors.  This is completely not the case with PBA, because Ray Higdon get’s killer results with his blog, and shows you the exact steps he takes to do so in this course.  He leaves nothing out, including his results.  He does not hide behind the scenes and just ask you to trust him, he SHOWS you his traffic stats and rankings.

One of my favorite quotes from this course goes like this:

“Stop looking at what you think you know, and start looking at your results”

That is pretty powerful, and it really resonated with me.  In the past, I was SO guilty of this.  I would wonder why my content wasn’t ranking, or why it wasn’t converting.  I was not looking at my results, I was simply looking at what I thought I knew, and I was not getting anywhere.  When you can take this statement and apply it, you WILL achieve success.

Let’s dive in now and get into our official Pro Blog Academy review.

Pro Blog Academy Review – Module 1

PBA consists of 4 modules.  Module 1 is called Creating Your Online Income Machine.  This module starts off hot and heavy.  In this module you are taught to identify your perfect prospect.  You ask yourself:

  • Who would I want to work with
  • What is their occupation
  • What are their problems
  • Where do they hang out
  • What books do they read
  • What movies do they like
  • Etc…

All of this leads to you creating a shell in your mind and that shell helps you create content on your website relevant to that shell.  You will start producing content that will ATTRACT who you want to attract.

You are taught to dig, and find out where people are struggling in their chosen niche so you can provide the solution.  This is where the money is!

Toward the end of the module, Ray talks about which plug ins he likes to use for his website and other small technical details as well.  This module is a great kick starter for what’s to come!

Pro Blog Academy Review – Module 2

Module 2 is all about content creation.  You will learn how to get ideas so you can create a steady flow of fresh content for your site.  In fact, this module with set you up with so many content creation ideas you will never wonder about what to write about again!

You will also learn some coo tricks you can do for extra monetization with your content and knowledge.  You can also expect to learn about keyword research toward the end of this module.  It is not a full fledged in depth keyword research tutorial, just some basic getting started tips and tricks.  You can learn a cool little keyword research trick here.  You will also get some basic on site SEO (search engine optimization) tips to help your content rank.

Pro Blog Academy Review – Module 3

This module is about traffic!  Without traffic, nothing really matters.  Ray will share some great traffic tips in this module.  You will learn how to leverage  social networks for traffic, and other websites that can bring you targeted traffic.

Ray also touches on interaction, and explains how you can get more of it with your content.  You see, the search engines love when your readers are interacting on your site because it means they are engaged.  Simple things like telling your readers what to do can go a long way here.  Ray shares many other great tips that will get your readers commenting and sharing!

Pro Blog Academy Review – Module 4

The final module covers converting your traffic.  The other modules get you to this point where you have your site up, fresh content being generated, then it is time to learn how to get them to take action, to convert!

This is the most exciting part of the equation.  Ray will share many of his secrets that will teach you how to convert your traffic.  Once you get all of these strategies down, you will be generating leads and getting them to take your desired actions.  At this point, it really start getting exciting!


Hopefully this Pro Blog Academy review has been informative and helpful for you.  I honestly could have made an entire website out of this review, but did my best to keep it as short and informational as possible. 

Pro Blog Academy is a great course for anyone looking to start making money blogging.  The value in this course is 10 fold.

To get going with Pro Blog Academy, go ahead and CLICK HERE.

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