ranking on googleRanking on Google is not what it used to be.  A few years back, attaining good rankings in Google was something you could manipulate.  There was a lot of automated software that made it possible to get thousands of back links to your website, and ultimately rank high organically in Google, while scooping of loads of “free” traffic.

Well times have changed!  And if you ask me it is for the better.  Gaming the system is not what it is all about, and if you are participating in any black hat SEO tactics it is just a matter of time before the big G squashes your site into oblivion.  In this article I am going to share some tips that can help get your website or blog a high ranking on Google.

5 Tips for Ranking on Google

  1. Content is King – Google is all about user experience these days.  That is what drives their updates, and gives so many websites a kick in the ass off the face of the Google planet.  Your best bet if you want to get search engine traffic is to provide helpful, engaging content that will be informative and provide a solution for the searchers.  Spun, or PLR content is useless.  If you want to ensure your site goes to the dogs, go ahead and use spun, or PLR content on your own website.  Be original.  Write in your OWN words and use your own thoughts.  Focus on writing naturally, as opposed to stuffing keywords into your content.  The big G loves this stuff!  If you struggle to find content ideas click HERE to read a post on that subject.
  2. Be Relevant – When you build a website, you want it to gain authority in the eyes of Google.  If your site has articles about dog grooming one day, then articles about Forex trading the next day Google will have no idea what your site is really about.  Decide what your site is about, find keywords related to that niche, and create great content that is relevant to those keywords.  It’s that simple!  There is a certain flow of relevance you should follow to give Google the best idea of what your site is actually about!
  3. Be Consistent – If you are a blogger, one of the most important things you should be doing is adding content regularly.  Google hates stale blogs, meaning keep it fresh!  I personally aim to write between 4-6 posts per week.  Google WILL take notice of consistent action like that and start to reward your site with some good rankings.  The longer you keep up the consistency, the more of an authority your site will become, which will ultimately lead to better rankings, more traffic, more leads, more sales, and more exposure.
  4. Be Patient – Ranking on Google requires patience.  Don’t expect to slap up a site, add a few posts, and get results.  It does not work like that.  As a new website, you are going to need to schmooze Google, and do the things they require or else they will not reward your website with authority or rankings.  All to often I see people start a new website.  They are jacked up at first because they are committed to the process.  Well, about 2 weeks and 5 blog posts later they are wondering why there is no traffic and no sales.  They truly believe that it should be that easy.  Well I have a news flash, IT ISN”T that easy!!  If it were, everyone would do it and make money.  Be patient, stay the course and keep adding value based content and you will find that search engines rankings will soon follow.
  5. On Page SEORanking on Google will require some on page SEO.  Nowadays, you cannot aimlessly stuff keywords all over the place on your site.  Opinions will differ, but for me I personally shoot for approximately 1% keyword density.  Therefore, if I am targeting the keyword ranking on Google, I would want to have that keyword phrase exactly as is about 1% of my total words.  Other basic on page tips you should implement would be including your target keyword in the post title and the first paragraph.  I also like to get my target keyword in an H2 and H3 tag, as well as bold, italicize, and underline the keyword within my content.  Your goal is to “tell” Google what your article is about, without stuffing and over SEO’ing things.  It is a fine line, but one that should ALWAYS be erred on the side of caution with.

Those 5 tips will help your ranking on Google.  There are other factors, such as off page SEO but that is a discussion for another day.  One bit of advice I can give you on this topic is it is better to be safe than sorry.  Google is always sniffing out sites that automate back links and punishing websites that use those services.  Just proceed with extreme caution before jumping in to that arena.  There is NO push button SEO software out there, just keep that in mind.

Ranking on Google – Final thoughts

Ranking on Google - Final ThoughtsI applaud you for reading this entire post!  Ranking on Google and SEO are a hot topic.  I TRULY believe that if you play by the rules, and follow the steps I outline above you can get loads of free traffic from the search engines.

One point to keep in mind:  People are dropping out of SEO and giving up on ranking on Google due to the fact that Google is constantly updating algorithm’s, and making it tougher to cheat their system.  Since a lot of people are looking for the easy and fast way they move on to something else.

This opens the doors for the ones playing by the rules, which is us!  I know you will take the advice in this post to heart and give Google what they want, otherwise don’t waste your time in SEO!

I hope this post on ranking on Google provided some value to you!  If so, please do me a favor and share via social media, and leave me a comment below!

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