Thank you for visiting the resources page of my website!  Here you will find some of the top resources I use to build my business every day.  These tools are a must have for any marketer looking to build their business online.

MLSPMLSP (My Lead System Pro) – MLSP is the #1 attraction marketing system for network marketers.  Once inside MLSP you will learn how the best online network marketers are building their business online.  You will learn to leverage your time, generate laser targeted leads for YOUR business, and sponsor more people into your business without having to go through the trouble of chasing your warm market around.

I personally use this system every day of my life.  The training is second to none, and it has helped me start generating leads for my business on a daily basis.  You will find training on just about every traffic generating strategy online.  You simply pick  one, go through the training and then go to work using the new strategies you learned inside MLSP.

On top of the world class training, MLSP hosts weekly training webinars every Wednesday night.  These training webinars are hosted by the most successful marketers in the business, and you can learn so much just by attending these and taking notes.

There is also an official MLSP Facebook group that is exclusive to MLSP members.  Having access to this group gives you an unbelievable advantage over people not using MLSP.

And the best part if, you can test drive MLSP for $2 for 3 days!  To take a tour of the #1 attraction marketing system for network marketers CLICK HERE.

Here is a screenshot of my recent activity (lead generation) inside my MLSP account.  You can start generating leads by utilizing the training and tools inside MLSP.  To start your education CLICK HERE NOW.

MLSP Leads

To take a behind the scenes look at the back office of the MLSP Academy membership check out this short video:

Magnetic SponsoringMagnetic Sponsoring – When it comes to attraction marketing, Magnetic Sponsoring is king!  This book was written by Mike Dillard, and he leaves nothing out.  This book gives you all of the information you need to build a solid foundation for your business, using the principles of attraction marketing.

This book is the turning point for many struggling network marketers, and is a must read for anyone serious about this business.  To purchase your copy of Magnetic Sponsoring CLICK HERE.

In my opinion, all of these tools are MUST HAVE for anyone looking to build their network marketing business online.  If you have any questions about these products or would like to talk to me about them in further detail go ahead and Contact Me.