The SEO Services I Provide

SEOHey there, thanks for stopping by my SEO page.  If you are looking for a hands free approach to SEO, or even consulting you have come to the right place.  I have been involved in SEO and online marketing for over 19 years, and currently own and operate Badger SEO.

We specialize in helping business owners enhance their presence online.  Whether you are looking to rank a video for an affiliate term, or knock it out of the park with your local business rankings, we can absolutely help you get great results.

Be sure to reach out if SEO has you pulling out your hair.  My expertise truly lies with ranking.  Below are some screenshots of my current results:

madison seo rankings example









fanduel rankings





I could show you plenty more example where I am ranking for SEO in competitive cities, and other affiliate examples where I have top rankings as well, but for the sake of saving you the time I will just show you these few.

SEO is an ever changing game, and I continue to pursue my education at the best place you can.  Whatever your SEO needs are, I can help, so contact me right away so I can provide you with a free seo analysis.

All the best!