Shaklee IndiaIn 2014, Shaklee India will be upon us.  What does this mean for people in India that are interested in this opportunity?  Will Shaklee come in and make a big splash, or will this come and go like many other business opportunities before it?  Find out about more about Shaklee India, learn about pre enrollment, and get the training you need to start building your team now.

What is Shaklee India?

In 2014, Shaklee Corporation will be cutting the red tape, and opening for business in India!  Shaklee is a network marketing company in the United States which has enjoyed great success for many years.  In fact, Shaklee is a pioneer in the MLM business, and has been around since 1956!

Since then, they have accomplished some amazing things.  Shaklee has fueled some of the world’s most amazing voyages, has been taken into space by astronauts, is used in the White House, enjoyed Fortune 500 status, fuels many Olympic athletes looking for a natural and “clean” competitive advantage, and was the first ever Climate Neutral Certified company in the world!  Along with many other amazing accolades.

The products that Shaklee offers provide many people with an all natural option, whether it is the non toxic cleaning supplies, all natural beauty supplies, or the healthy solutions to ailments like diabetes, obesity, and many others.  Shaklee brings an outstanding heritage of quality products to India, and we couldn’t be more excited!

Tony Robbins says:

“The two greatest keys to business success are the right opportunity at the right time”. 

This couldn’t ring more true when talking about Shaklee India.

Bill Gates Says:

“A wealthy person has the ability to see the obvious before everyone else does.”

Years ago, Bill Gates said that at some point, every home in the United States would have a computer in it.  People scoffed at this notion.  Now look where we are today.  Everything we do revolves around computers, and the trend is only growing.  Bill Gates had a vision, and saw something happening before it ever did.  Shaklee India presents the same type of opportunity for YOU!

Shaklee India – Pre Enrollement

You can visit to learn more about pre enrollment, training, and initial team building.  That website is dedicated to educating people on what Shaklee is all about, teaching them about the business and the products, and weekly live trainings that will kick start your team building so when the time comes you can hit the ground running!

When Shaklee arrives, network marketing in India will never be the same!  Finally, a company that can offer products that will address some of the main health issues India faces head on.  People that will have the chance to change others lives by introducing them to products that can help with diabetes and obesity, two of India’s main health issues.

If you are wondering why Shaklee, why now go check out this short post HERE.

What Next?

Go visit to learn more about pre enrolling and what we are doing to position others for success.  Are you on Facebook?  If so, go to to become part of our community, and interact with others that are gearing up for the launch.

Shaklee India is going to happen, and when it does your best chance to experience huge success is to start the process now.  Our leadership can help you start taking the actions you need to take to hit the ground running, and we are here to help.

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Til Next Time!

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