fisherman mindsetWhat does it take to succeed in network marketing?  I suppose that depends on who you ask, but we know you need things like leads, cash flow, a good product, patience, and the ability to lead others.  I probably have left some other skills off the list, but I think you get the point.

To become a successful network marketer, you should learn how to have a fisherman mindset.  There are many ways network marketing is like fishing, here are a few:

  • You Need to Find a Fishing Hole – Whether you choose to prospect online or offline is up to you, but you have to have a go to source for finding leads.  I refer to it as a fishing hole in this case.  Just somewhere you know you can go to find some interested people to talk to.
  • Bait – you can’t fish without bait.  I guess you could, but you better not expect to catch anything!  With network marketing it’s the same concept.  You don’t necessarily need “bait”, but you need to be able to entice people with the benefits, whether it be lifestyle, money, time freedom, or any of the other benefits network marketing provides.
  • Equipment & Tools – Back in the day they used spears.  Now fisherman use poles, nets, and other tools that make the process easier.  In network marketing, we have all sorts of awesome tools and training products to use to help us build our business.  If beating on doors and hanging out at malls is your thing, by all means do it, but realize there are tools that can make life easier.

These are just some of the similarities that network marketing and fishing have in common.  Now I would like to explain how having a fisherman mindset is going to help you in your business.  Let’s jump in.

When you go fishing, there are certain realizations you must come to grips with.  Many of them are very similar to network marketing, therefore having the same mindset can play a huge role in your success.  Here are some of the mindset similarities you need to realize:

  1. You might not catch anything.  Yep, you could sit out and bust your butt all day and have nothing to show for it (except a nasty sunburn!).  In network marketing it is the same thing.  You could work all day, hand out hundreds of cards, show 20 presentations, but there is no guarantee that anything will stick.
  2. Some fish will get off the hook, break the line, or jump out of the net when you almost have it landed.  This is also true in network marketing.  As Jim Rohn says, “Some Don’t Stay”.  There will always be ones that got away.  This is inevitable and is something that everyone in this business experiences.  In these situations, it is important to keep an abundance mindset in place.
  3. You will want to throw some back!  Sometimes when fishing you just have to let some go.  For whatever reason it is, some are just not meant to stay in the boat.  In network marketing it is much the same.  There could be many reasons why you would “release” a catch, but the basic fact is you will have to release some.
  4. Some might not be what you thought they would be.  In fishing you might have the fight of your life on your hands, but then you finally get the fish in the boat and you realize it is not what you expected.  Some fish put up a big fight, while others don’t.  Some of the biggest fish I have ever seen caught put up less of a fight than some of the smaller ones.  In network marketing, you might have a prospect saying all the right things, and you are left thinking you just found the next big timer in your company, but they turn out to be average.  On the contrary, you might have someone that comes in quiet, and your expectations are low but they hit it big, and build a massive team and enjoy wild success.  You just never know what you are getting.

So, do you now see how network marketing and fishing are very similar?  It is a connection you would not think is there, but the fact of the matter is that fishing and MLM have some astonishing similarities!

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