success in network marketinWe all know the numbers, and they don’t look good.  Success in network marketing is hard to achieve, but why is that?  Why do so many people fail or quit before they ever experience success?  The fact is, 97% of you will fail, so if you want to be part of the 3% you need to do things differently!

Success in network marketing is going to require a few things to change.  If you are unhappy with your results, you need to change your actions.  If you are not leaving your comfort zone on a daily basis and you are getting poor results then you need to become uncomfortable.  Do things that feel awkward, that will mean you are growing.

Success in Network Marketing Lies Outside Your Comfort Zone!

To elaborate on what I said above, if your comfort zone is yielding bad results, step outside  your comfort zone, do things you are not used to doing, and get better results!

We have all heard the saying or seen the picture where it shows where the magic happens, if not here it is:

Comfort ZoneI love this picture!  It is SO true in network marketing, and if you want to achieve your goals you MUST leave your comfort zone ASAP!

The one’s that are willing to do what others won’t are the ones that become part of the 3% that succeed.  So , if you want to become part of the 3% I think you know what you need to do!

Success in Network Marketing – 1 Sure Fire Way to Arrive

No matter what company you are in, there are going to be people within the company that are crushing it, and enjoying massive success.  One thing you can do (and this strategy is about as simple as it gets) is emulate them.

That’s right.  See exactly what they are doing then do it!  One thing I can guarantee you is that these people are not afraid to leave the comfort zone.  In fact, the become so used to it that they enjoy it after a while.  They know that is truly where the magic happens, so that is where they go.  Follow their lead, and watch what happens to your results!

Other Things Top Earners Do..

Top earners are thirsty for knowledge.  They understand that network marketing success is about becoming a leader.  Leaders never stop learning.  Leaders know that the more value the bring to the table, the better they can serve people, which ultimately makes people seek them out, and request to work with them.  This is attraction marketing at it’s finest, and it is how the big dogs do it.

What This All Means For You?

It’s actually quite simple.  If you truly desire MLM success, you are going to need to bust your butt, and do things you never thought you could.  It’s going to be about learning how to market, becoming valuable, and becoming extremely comfortable outside your comfort zone.  The price is steep, but the reward is 10x sweeter!

The Light at the End of the Tunnel

light at the end of the tunnelThe last thing I want to do is scare anyone away from pursing their dreams to make a living in network marketing.  However, I want to hammer it home that this business requires a lot from anyone looking to make it big.  It is something that ANYONE can do, and that is part of the lure of network marketing.

There are certain measures you can take that will make success in network marketing much more attainable.  For me, those steps began to happen when I was introduced to a community/training platform called My Lead System Pro (MLSP).

MLSP was able to teach and train me to become a leader, and a person of great value.  By simply following their lead I am now raking in leads every day, generating income to fuel my business, and connecting with people interested in my business more than I ever thought possible.  It was a total game changer for me, and it can be for you too.

If you don’t know about MLSP, I highly encourage you to read my full review HERE.  This community could be everything you need to get on the path to success.

There you have it folks, success in network marketing is there for the taking.  The fact that the failure rate is so high means that the ones willing to do what others won’t can achieve everything they ever dreamed of, and the one’s who don’t, well they just fade away into the 97%.

Which one are you?

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