ray higdon - the 3 minute expert reviewHey there!  Thanks for stopping by and checking my in depth The 3 Minute Expert review!  You probably landed here on this website because you searched for The 3 Minute Expert reviews, or something similar.

I am glad you have found my website, as I love to provide value, and share insights into courses that can supposedly help you grow your business.   Does this course by Ray Higdon live up to the hype, or is it a waste of time and money?  Let’s get right to it and find out!

Pre Purchase Thoughts on The 3 Minute Expert

As someone that has purchased nearly all of Ray and Jessica’s courses I can tell you that my expectations of this course were high.  Before buying, I told myself that every other course I have purchased from the Higdon’s has not only delivered, but over delivered.  If their courses were hamburger bars, and value was the condiments, you would have yourself the best burger you might ever have!

Okay, sorry to compare their courses to hamburgers, maybe I’m just hungry as I write this 🙂

What I am getting at is that every course Ray and Jess create are extremely value packed, and I have never once entertained the thought of returning the product, or felt it was not well worth the money.  Not only that, but I honestly don’t feel like I would be where I am at with my online business if it were not for Ray Higdon.  I’m sure he does not know I feel that way, but it is the truth.  He set me down the right path years ago with his Pro Blog Academy course, and I have not looked back.

Well that is enough about my feelings for the Higdon’s.  Let me give you what you came here for, being an in depth, no holds barred review of The 3  Minute Expert!

The 3 Minute Expert Review – Why You SHOULD Buy This Course

In the home business niche, there is no one else in the world that can compete with Ray Higdon.  He is the #1 blogging authority, and generates a ridiculous amount of income on a daily basis from his blog.  In fact, that figure is somewhere between $5000, and $6000 per day.  Yes, per day just fro his blog!  In other words, one can learn a lot from a guy like this!

You goal with your blog should be to generate income.  Whether that is done by generating leads for your business, or selling products right from your site it doesn’t matter.  The goal is to generate boat loads of traffic, and generate income!

After working through this course, and implementing the things you learn you will become an AUTHORITY, and your blog will become highly visible in the search engines, and you will be rewarded with a ton of organic traffic.  Mission Accomplished!

So What’s In the Course?

How does 27 modules of blow your mind sound?  Yes, that’s right… 27 modules of insane information that will open your eyes and help you become a master blogger.  Here is a breakdown of the modules:

  • Module 1 – How To Effectively Use this Course
  • Module 2 – Why Blog
  • Module 3 – Where to Get Your Blog Done if You Choose to Outsource
  • Module 4 – Google Analytics Setup
  • Module 5 – Google Webmaster Tools Setup
  • Module 6 – Biggest Obstacles
  • Module 7 – Defining Your Target Market
  • Module 8 – Watch This if you are a Perfectionist
  • Module 9 – WordPress PlugIns
  • Module 10 – Basic Monetization Strategies
  • Module 11 – Creating Content
  • Module 12 – Research and On Page SEO
  • Module 13 – Where to Post Your Blog to Get Traffic
  • Module 14 – E Mailing Your List Do’s and Dont’s
  • Module 15 – Getting More Engagement and Interaction
  • Module 16 – The Most Important Part of Your Blog
  • Module 17 – How to Add an Opt In Form
  • Module 18 – Generating More Leads
  • Module 19 – Communicating With Your Leads
  • Module 20 – 4 Part Video Marketing Formula
  • Module 21 – Using Other People’s Content Legally and Effectively
  • Module 22 – Blog Design
  • Module 23 – Suggestions for Truly Becoming a Go To Expert in Your Niche
  • Module 24 – Details on Ray’s Private Blog Association
  • Module 25 – How to Get Your Blog Review
  • Module 26 – My 7 figure Overview – What We Sold and How We Sold to Get to Over $1 Million in Revenue
  • Module 27 – Additional Tools and Resources

Holy schnikes!  If these 27 modules don’t help you become an authority in your niche, then I m going to say you did not pay attention!!

As someone who has been in the online marketing game for many years, and also runs their own SEO business I can tell you that this course absolutely delivers the goods.  If you choose to buy this course, work through the material, and take massive action there is NO WAY you do not succeed.

The 3  Minute Expert Review – Final Thoughts

As I mention above, I honestly do not feel like I would be where I am at in my online business if it wasn’t for me finding Ray Higdon.  There is nothing better than getting what you pay for, and having it be something that can change your life.

I vividly remember being so nervous about buying Pro Blog Academy all those years ago.  A guy with a wife and young kids, committing hundreds of dollars to a blogging course?  But I pulled the trigger, and here I am, years later with a blog that generates thousands of dollars a month, and a flourishing SEO business to compliment it.  I took the information, and put it to work and am grateful that I did!

If you are feeling a little stuck in your home business, and want to learn how to generate leads with your blog, I promise you that this course will NOT disappoint.  One thing is for sure…  Any course Ray Higdon creates (especially when it comes to blogging) can absolutely be a game changer if you learn it, follow it, and take massive action.

If you are skeptical, you can feel good knowing Ray offers 30 day money back guarantees.  I have never had to return any course of his, and I am sure you will feel the same way when you go through this course and put it into action.

What About Bonuses?

I know you are probably reading through multiple The 3 Minute Expert Reviews, and are seeing people offer outrageous bonuses for buying from their site.  I think that is great, but honestly those courses will be an after thought once you go through this course, and there is no reason to push and pull your brain in multiple directions.

I am happy to offer a 1 hour phone consultation with you to go over your blog and your online presence.  I feel that talking to areal person who has had success in this industry can be way more powerful and helpful than another course that pales in comparison to the one you are thinking to buy.

So pick up The 3 Minute Expert HERE, then e mail me the details of your transaction, and I will get on the phone with you to share some tips, and ensure you are heading in the right direction.

CLICK HERE to read more testimonials.

Thanks for reading this entire The 3 Minute Expert review!  I know it was a bit long, but I like to deliver as much info as possible to help my readers make the best decision for them.

Feel free to contact me any time with questions.

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