best mlm leadsWhat are the best MLM leads?  Is there an exact answer to that question?  Not really, the best MLM leads differ with every situation, and the goal is to take in as many leads as possible which increases your chances of finding those game changers that can help you grow your business.

When most network marketers get started, they are told to make a list and include all of their friends and family on the list.  You are then instructed to talk to each and every person on the list about what you are doing.  The goal is to get some product sales, and maybe even find a few people to join you in the business.

This is the traditional way to get going, but eventually you run out of people to talk to.  Forget about the best MLM leads, you are left with no leads at all.  This is not a good thing, and is something you want to avoid if you are serious about this business.

How to Attract the Best MLM Leads to You

Here we go.  This is going to be the nuts and bolts of this post.  I want to explain how you can use the law of attraction to find a steady flow of high quality leads for your networking business.

attract mlm leadsIf you have not heard of the phrase attraction marketing, that is about to change.  Attraction marketing is the art of attracting people to you and creating a steady flow of high quality MLM leads for you to tap into.  How do you do this?  Let me explain.

Do you have any friends on Facebook that are constantly pitching their products and their business opportunity?  I bet you do!  How do you feel about that?  Do you respond to tactics like this?  Do you think other people are responding favorably to these marketing ploys?  The answer is no.  This is an example of the exact opposite of attraction marketing.  Is the person a bad person for doing this?  No, they just don’t know the better way yet.

So on one side you have your friend, the pitch man.  Constantly pitching and throwing links around at every opportunity.  Then, you have a marketer that leads with value.  This other person is providing valuable content, providing solutions to real life problems marketers face.  Every once in a while you will see they throw a link out to a product they are using that they are highly recommending.  This person also has proven to have great results.

This is an attractive marketer.  People that market like this can tap into and endless supply of the best MLM leads you can find anywhere.  What happens is people WANT to work with them.  People WANT to buy from them.  This is because they bring major value to the table, they are not just out there telling you to buy something like the pitch man does.  They explain how to do something, and show you how you can do the same thing for your business.  They are not afraid of sharing their knowledge with others.  This is who YOU want to be!

Haven’t you ever noticed how flocks of people jump at the opportunity to work with the leaders in your business?  It is no coincidence why, these leaders are attracting others to them because of the value they posses.

Guidelines You Can Use to Generate the Best MLM Leads via Attraction Marketing

  • Don’t Pitch – Dropping your links all over Facebook and other places is considered spamming in this business.  Don’t bother, you won’t get any positive results doing this.  Be better than that!  You can check out this post for some Facebook tips.
  • Bring the Value – Don’t hold back.  If you know something that other people struggle with get valuable content out there that will help these people.  ALWAYS lead with value, and the rest will fall into place.  So if you got some great nuggets from a recent training session or webinar create a blog post and share the knowledge.  The more people you help, the more people will want to work with you.
  • Be a Leader – Take a leadership role, even if you have not “arrived” in your business yet.  Anyone can learn to lead, so don’t be afraid to buy some books on leadership and learn how you can become a better leader.  Part of being successful with network marketing is having the ability to manage people on your team, and give them the knowledge and support they need.
  • Be Consistent – You need to be consistent.  When you are taking action on a daily basis people will start to take notice.  Aside from that, focusing on action each and every day will bring you some great results.

If you follow these steps you can attract the best MLM leads to your business you can find anywhere.  Just think before you put out content, and ask yourself how you would respond to that style of marketing.  Take that attitude with you on everything you do and you will do great!

I hope you found this post helpful and informative!  If so, PLEASE leave me a comment below and/or share via social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, Google +, Linkedin, and Pinterest.

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