ranking videos on YouTubeRanking videos on YouTube is a great way to market your business.  There are a lot of great reasons you should be utilizing YouTube in your business, and in this article I am going to explain what those reasons are, and provide you with some tips that will help you get your videos ranking higher not only on YouTube, but Google too!

Why Ranking Videos on YouTube is Important

No matter what business you are in, YouTube is an awesome way to get your message in front of your audience.  YouTube is the #2 search engine in the world, the 3rd most popular website in the world (behind Facebook and Google), and there are millions of people on YT searching for information every second of every day.

As you can see, there is a lot of traffic on YouTube, and if you can position your videos at the top of searches relevant to your offer you stand to get a large piece of the traffic, and ultimately business.

Another reason why ranking videos on YouTube is key for your business is because it starts the relationship building process faster.  When people see your face they make a connection that written content does not make.  They feel as though they already know you, which get’s the trust factor in your favor faster.

I get e mails from people who see my videos, and they say they feel like they already know me.  This is a great position to be in, and one that will give you a leg up on your competition if done properly.  A solid YouTube marketing strategy can really go a long way in your business!

Tips For Ranking Videos on YouTube… And Google Too!

So now we know why it is important for you to market on YouTube.  Massive traffic and relationships, a great combination!  Now let’s talk about how to get those good rankings!

YouTube is a search engine.  This means they are going to take your initial search query, and provide you with what they feel the best choice is.  By getting a few things right, you can give your videos a good chance to be found.  For starters, you will need to optimize your videos for certain keywords, and here is how you do that.

Optimizing Videos

  • Finding Keywords – whenever you are content marketing, it is very important to make sure you are finding keywords that people are actually searching for.  If you create this great video, and optimize if for something no one ever searches for you are wasting your time.  Go to the Google Keyword Tool, and start digging.
  • Keyword in Title – You want to be sure you have your target keyword in your video title.  For instance, if I was targeting YouTube marketing tips a good headline could be – Get Great Results With These YouTube Marketing Tips.  This is the first part of the equation for your on page optimization.
  • Description – Something a lot of people don’t do is add a lengthy description, that includes your keyword in it.  This is like an article, and I like to shoot for 400-500 words.  I know it sounds rough, but the goal is TO RANK your videos on YouTube, so give them what they want.  You want to include your keyword in the description, and a good way to get them in is by using Time Stamps.  An example would be – 0:01 Your Keyword review begins, then add a few more with your keyword in it.
  • Say the Keyword in First 10 Seconds – This is pretty self explanatory.  Be sure you say your exact keyword in the first 10 seconds of the video.  After that if you have a chance to get it in naturally do it.  Don’t make it sound unnatural though for the sake of getting it in there.
  • Annotations – This is one thing a lot of people overlook.  Don’t overdo it, but definitely get some annotation in there with your keyword.  Same principle as saying it, just make it natural.
  • Tags – Make sure your tags include your main keyword, with about 5-7 other variations.  if you need ideas for variations, go to Google and search your main keyword.  Then scroll to the bottom and Google will give you some related search phrases, and you can use those.

These are my on page optimization tips for ranking videos on YouTube.  For keywords with low competition doing this will be enough to get you ranking well.  For real competitive keyword phrases, it will take more.

Ranking Videos on YouTube That Are High Competition

high competitionA lot of big money keywords have pretty stiff SEO competition.  That does not mean you shouldn’t play, it just means you might need to invest in tools that will help you rank your videos in that space.  Many times, it is well worth the cost of a tool if it can position your videos at the top, bringing you leads and sales.

So after you nail down all of your on page stuff, you might need to use a tool that creates back links to your video.  Back links are links from other sources on the web that point to your video, and they use anchor text (click able words) that is your keyword to “tell” search engines what your videos is about.  The back links are essentially little votes for your video.  The more the better!

I personally use a tool called Magic Submitter to back link my videos.  It really get’s the job done, and it does not take a bunch of time.  In about 15 minutes I can set it up to drip out links to my video, and I can set those links to go fast and furious, or slowly over 30 days.  After using it a few times you will discover what works best for you.

This tool costs me $67 per month, but gives me the chance to get videos ranking for some pretty tough keywords.  If my vids don’t rank after my first back linking campaign, I simply repeat the process until it does.  The more competition there is, the more I will have to do, but the better the reward when I get there ;).

If ranking videos on YouTube is what you are after, this tool is a MUST!  CLICK HERE NOW to learn more about Magic Submitter.

Note – I do not use Magic Submitter to back link my own blog/website.  The Google updates are penalizing people for using tools like this on their websites, but it is 100% safe for videos.

That’s about all I have for you.  Ranking videos on YouTube boils down to following these steps, and taking action.  The best part of this process I laid out for you is that if you do this, those same videos will rank on Google tool!  That’s right, you can literally scoop up massive loads of traffic once you get your videos optimized and back linked.  Once that happens, lookout!!

Thanks for reading this post!  Please share on social media so others can enjoy it too!

PS – Ranking videos and generating leads and sales for your business is big business.  If you want to expand on the tips you learned here, and learn from the best in the business I HIGHLY recommend you check out this course right ===> Tube Traffic Mojo.  This course can make you a YouTube Jedi in no time!

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