best MLM productsHello friends.  Today’s blog post is going to be more of a rant than anything else.  The reason for the rant is because I am constantly seeing people all over social media tout their MLM products as the best.  For me as a Shaklee Distributor, I obviously feel good about the products our company offers, however, is it a smart move for me to go around making claims about them being the best the world has ever seen?

I personally don’t think this is a solid marketing strategy.  I know, there will be people that are making more money in MLM that might come out of the woodwork and say “what do you know” etc.. but come on, who really cares if anyone claims their products are the best anyway?

Is being the best all that counts?  I really don’t think so.  I believe that marketing your MLM products is about providing a solution for people.  You don’t have to make claims of being the best, but you CAN make claims that your products can help people.  So whatever your company sells, instead of trying to brainwash people into believing your company’s products are the best how about tell people that you have products that can help?

Which makes more sense to you?  Which marketing tactic would you be more receptive to?  I would love to know!

Let’s dissect this a little more.  While there are so many products that have great products, what is the true benefit of claiming your MLM products are “the best”?  How is it that you know your products are without a doubt better than every other product on the planet?  To me, this is just setting yourself up for a failure.  So unless you can say without a doubt that your MLM products are better than every other one’s on the planet why say it at all?

This post is just a rant, not meant to make waves.  I just get tired of seeing everyone on social sites like Facebook always driving it home that their company has the best product.  I personally believe finding the source of people’s struggles and offering a solution is a much better, less in your face approach to selling some product.  I prefer to take that approach and let them decide if they are the best ever!

Closing Thoughts…

Sorry if this post offended anyone.  Sometimes you just get tired of seeing people blatantly pitch their products and opportunity, and hold no regards for any other products and companies out there.  I have news for you, there ARE other companies with great products, you are not the only one.  And before you declare your products as the one and only top dog, be sure to look into each and every other product on the market to compare and go from there.  Or you can just do away with the best talk, and try to focus on solving problems for people.

The End!

Til Next Time!

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