tube traffic mojo reviewWelcome to my Tube Traffic Mojo review!  If you are thinking about implementing video marketing into your tool box, or if you are already using this strategy and not getting good results this review will be informative and beneficial.

Tube Traffic Mojo Review – The Course

Tube Traffic Mojo consists of 7 modules.  Each module is a series of videos covering one important aspect of video marketing, which explains and shows you how to do things the proper way.

Now instead of re hashing the same info you will likely read in other Tube Traffic Mojo reviews, things like simply re stating the info you can read on this page, I will tell you details about HOW these modules have helped me achieve dramatically better results with my video marketing efforts.

Tube Traffic Mojo Review – My Story

Like many other marketers out there, I decided to try my hand at video marketing prior to purchasing Tube Traffic Mojo.  To put it lightly, my results were pretty poor.  I was making some videos, and not getting any sort of results whatsoever.  No views, no leads, no sales.  All of the things you want from ANY marketing strategy, but they were elusive to me.

Since I was already a member at My Lead System Pro, I had heard of Mark Harbert and Frank Marino, and I knew what type of results they were getting all from videos.  I wondered how the heck they were doing this, because my results were anything but sparkling.

After some pondering, I decided to take the plunge and buy this product, because I wanted to make video marketing one of my main marketing strategies, and I did not want to keep wasting time trying to figure it out on my own and getting no results in the mean time.

After buying the course I dove right in.  I was surprised to see how extensive the course actually was.  The $297 price tag had a me a little weary at first, but I quickly realized that the price tag was justified and then some.

Tube Traffic Mojo Review – What I Learned

what tube traffic mojo taught meTo be honest, it would be hard to tell you about everything I learned in this course, so I will touch on some of the main things in my opinion, and share them with you now.

Module 1 showed me things I completely overlooked in the past.  Things like only uploading around 20 videos to accounts before creating new ones really sticks out to me.  The reason for this is because Google owns YouTube, and they are always shutting down accounts, therefore, it is important not to have all your eggs in one basket.  Module 1 also showed me how to properly set up and customize my channel, again, things I totally overlooked in the past.

In Module 2 they showed me the RIGHT way to perform keyword research.  Many mistakes can be made in this step, and they take you by the hand and show you what to look for  and how to find juicy keywords that you CAN rank for.  For me, I have had a lot of research in internet marketing so I knew a lot of what they showed me, but it confirmed to me that these guys were not holding anything back.

Module 3 is all about creating the videos.  In this module they cover things like choosing a camera, what to talk about in your videos, defining your target market (who you are talking to specifically), creating videos around specific keywords, length of videos, call to actions, and the different types of videos you can create.

Module 4 covers on page optimization.  What this means is after you pick out your target keyword, there are certain things you want to do to help give your video the best chance possible to rank in YouTube and Google for that keyword.  Certain factors like what you name your file, optimizing your title and description, using your tags wisely (and how to see what tags top ranking videos are using – a sniper trick), how to use time stamps to help optimize your video even more, how to use annotations, and more.  If you follow the steps outlined in this module you will be doing things better than 99% of other video marketers, and YouTube and Google WILL reward you for it.

In Module 5 you will learn about off page optimization.  If you are unfamiliar with getting back links, you won’t be when you get through this module.  You will learn how to get back links pointing to your videos from numerous sources, which will help boost your videos up the ranks, even for tough keywords.  One tip I can share with you now is to check out the website and search for social bookmarks and SENuke type back links.  These work GREAT for ranking videos, but I DON’T recommend using these types of links to back link your own website.

Module 6 shows you a strategy Mark and Frank use if they are targeting an EXTREMELY competitive keyword, and they are not having  much luck moving their videos up using other methods.  This strategy is time consuming and involved, but will absolutely make your video rank for anything you want!

In Module 7, you will learn how to set up capture pages using MLSP (My Lead System Pro) that work extremely well for capturing leads.  If you are not in MLSP, this module is not for you.

Tube Traffic Mojo Review – Final Thoughts

Tube Traffic Mojo Final ThoughtsAs you can see, there is a lot to learn in this course.  You are not getting some cheesy course that spits out info you can get elsewhere.  This course is robust, and if you follow the steps you WILL become a YouTube marketing master, it’s that simple.

If you consider the fact that every day more and more people are turning to YouTube to search for answers to their problems you would be wise to get in on the action.  Instead of doing what I did, take my word for it and get this course so you can fast track your results and start making money from your videos as fast as possible.

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