craigslist for mlmHave you been on Craigslist lately?  More importantly, have you been in the help wanted section of Craigslist lately?  Holy crap, it is a free for all!  Every city, every town all day, all night, all you see is work from home, make hundreds, blah blah.  It is truly becoming inundated with stuff like this.  With that being said, is Craigslist for MLM a good choice?  Let’s discuss that shall we?

For most people that get involved with MLM, finding people to join in the business is tough.  Generating quality leads is the kiss of death for most people in the business, and at some point people will turn to Craigslist for MLM because they are out of options, time, and money.

Craigslist for MLM – The Good

Craigslist is a great site.  One of the best things it has to offer people in the MLM business is practice.  You see, becoming a good closer, or a good talker requires practice, and there is no doubt using Craigslist for MLM building will get your phone ringing.  That is the good.

Another good thing is you might actually find someone.  While most people are not likely looking for a home business opportunity, some will be.  If you can talk to enough people you might be lucky enough to find a few, but don’t expect great numbers.

Craigslist for MLM – The Bad

You will need to slip your ads past the radar of Craigslist.  They say it right up front you cannot advertise MLM or biz ops.  Therefore, you must be deceptive with your wording.  Since you are placing deceptive ads, your leads will not be targeted, meaning they are most likely not interested in home business or MLM.  Not a great way to start building a relationship in my opinion.  With that being said, it is something I have tried, and my experiences with it will shine through in this post.

Craigslist for MLM – The Ugly

Do you like the Clint Eastwood movie plug I just inadvertently slipped in here?  🙂

So Craigslist can be helpful, in the regards that you will learn to talk to people.  It is bad, the regards that you have to deceive the readers and break the rules of Craigslist.  So what is the ugly?

When the folks over there at Craigslist Corporate (not sure if that exists) find out that you are breaking their TOS your ads will get ghosted by them, and they won’t bother to tell you.

Ghosting is when you go through the process of placing an ad, just like normal but they don’t show up on the site.  You will even get the confirmation e mail and everything, the ads just won’t be there.  The only way to know for sure is to wait a while, then go to the site and manually check.  Sounds fun huh?

Head on over to Google to read more about ghosting ads.

Craigslist for MLM – My 2 Cents

I think you know where I am going.  Generating leads for your MLM by way of Craigslist is most likely going to be nothing more than a lot of wasted time.  The leads just are not targeted, so conversion rates are low.  I don’t recommend wasting your time there, unless you want to sell your car, or goldfish or whatever…

A Solution…

I don’t recommend using Craigslist to build your MLM, however, you are on the right track!  Using the internet is a wise choice nowadays, and there are strategies much more effective than Craigslist you can explore.

Network marketing online can be  very rewarding.  However, it is not as easy as spamming links on Facebook or Twitter to your friends and family.  To market the right way requires training.  I HIGHLY recommend using MLSP (My Lead System Pro) for training, so you can eliminate the wasted time and learn strategies that work starting today.  Check out my MLSP review HERE.

Closing Thoughts

I do believe Craigslist can serve a purpose, however, so can many other marketing strategies.  The bottom line is other strategies will yield more targeted leads, which you can learn to talk with and have a better chance of finding people to say YES!

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