get free backlinksAnyone marketing online would want to get free backlinks, right?  Even with the updates Google has rolled out, backlinks can still play a role in your marketing efforts.  For instance, they say content is KING, and it is, especially when it comes to a blog, however, there are many other strategies you can use backlinks to increase your search engine rankings.  Let’s dive in!!

Get Free Backlinks – Why Backlink?

When you talk to 100 people that market online about backlinks, you will most likely get about 100 different theories.  This is my blog, and I am going to share mine with you at this point.  I understand some may disagree, but I have been in the SEO and online marketing industry for over 5 years and have some solid knowledge to share.

A few years ago you could rank anything you wanted on Google, it was a matter of getting the most backlinks as possible.  Times have changed, a lot.  Google is constantly tweaking their ranking algorithm to keep people from gaming the system to achieve good rankings, and they are squashing sites that participate in “black hat” SEO.

What this means is you have to be smart, and give Google what they want, especially if you want to rank there!  Nowadays, they want quality, value based content, and they love when it is shared socially.

This does not mean backlinks are dead, it just means you have to be more selective where you get them, and you have to be smart about how you use them.

For this blog, I rarely throw a backlink at it because my focus is on quality, value based content.  This has worked for me, and I get good ranking s and traffic like this.  I do drop my links on various social media sites and social bookmarking sites, but that is it.

For the videos I shoot, that is another story!

Backlinking Videos – Get Free Backlinks to Your Vids

As I mention above, I am not a big backlinker of my blog.  I know others that are and do well, I just go with what works for me.  I do backlinking to my videos though, and the links work great to help those videos rank well in YouTube as well as Google.

It is much safer to backlink to a video because Google owns YouTube, and they are not going to penalize their own site in the search engines.  That would be bad for their business.  When it comes to ranking videos on YouTube, you can throw a ton of backlinks at the videos, and it will help push them up the ranks!

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So if you want to get free backlinks, just be sure to use them wisely.  One trick you can always do if you want to boost the ranking on Google of content is to use a buffer site.  You can use an article directory, or an actual YouTube video itself and have that article or video link to your content, then blast the article or video with the back links.  That will keep your content on your own site safe, and out of Google’s cross hairs.

Where I Get Free Backlinks

There is a site called Social Monkee that you can sign up to that will give you up to 25 free backlinks per day to any url you want.  Once you backlink a url, you cannot backlink it again with their service.  But 25 per day to a unique url is a ton, and these are pretty good quality links.

Every video I create gets backlinked with Social Monkee.  It is part of my arsenal to rank videos, and it only takes about 3-5 minutes to get it all set up to drip out my links for me.

Take a minute to watch this demonstration:

There you have it folks.  I use Social Monkee to get free backlinks every day.  If I don’t have a piece of content to throw some backlinks at then I am not doing my job as a content marketer!!

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This tool works great, and is something that everyone that wants to rank content for should be using!

I hope this post was helpful! Please comment below and/or share on social media for me if you found it useful.  If it helped you, it can help others too.  Sharing is caring!

PS – If you want to get free backlinks Social Monkee is a great place to start.  It only takes a few minutes of your day to use, and it will deliver some nice quality links to your content, ultimately helping it rank higher in the search engines.  CLICK HERE NOW to set up Social Monkee and start getting your free links today!

Til Next Time!

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