MLM Business PlanIf you are new to network marketing, or you have some time in and are struggling it could be because you lack a solid MLM business plan.  It is something that most people do not think about when they get started, and they end up spinning their wheels and not getting results for to long, then they quit.  Hopefully this short article will address this issue, and help you develop your own MLM business plan to maximize your chance for success.

Failing to Plan is Planning to Fail!


In network marketing, the statement above holds very true!  You must have an MLM business plan if you want to achieve success.  Every person that succeeds in network marketing has a plan they follow to help keep them on track , and keep them focused on the activities that get results.

A good plan means having a few steps you need to follow on a daily basis, and stick to them the best you can.  Here is an example of an MLM business plan you could implement in your business:

  • Remember Your Why – We all have a reason we got involved in network marketing.  Network marketing provides people with a great opportunity to live a certain lifestyle, so just remember to keep your “why” at the forefront of your mind every day so it can help you to stay motivated and do the work that needs to be done.
  • Create an Action Plan – You have to lay out an action plan and stick to it.  Set out a few days per week to do activities that generate leads, and set aside a few days per week to follow up with those leads.  Use fill in time to work on educating yourself and learning new lead generation techniques.  The name of the game is generation leads, and without a steady flow of leads there won’t be much chance for achieving success.
  • Set Goals – I always set both long term and short term goals.  Doing this helps you to evaluate what you are doing, and to find out if the activities you are partaking in are working or not.  Take the time to jot down some goals you would like to reach in a few months, and jot down some longer term goals as well.  These can be anything, like achieving a certain rank in your company, making X amount of dollars, sponsoring X number of reps, etc…
  • Evaluate – Once you get settled in to your routine, take some time to evaluate your MLM business plan.  This is your own plan, so don’t be afraid to make tweaks and improvements as you see fit.  If you know there are some activities that are just not yielding results go ahead and eliminate them and replace them with different strategies.  Your goal is to make connections, generate leads, present an offer (either product or biz op), follow up.
  • Automate – Not everything in network marketing can be automated, but some things absolutely can!  I personally use the internet to generate leads, I like to call them auto pilot leads.  There are a lot of marketing strategies you can do online that will generate you leads over and over, and even in your sleep.  Once you attain the lead, it is up to you to connect with them and follow the steps you normally would for any other prospect.  I love to market online, and I love the idea of waking up in the morning to new leads.  It confirms to me every day that the things I am doing are for a good reason.

This simple MLM business plan is something you can follow to start getting better results.  You will become more focused, and your results will naturally improve.

For me, keeping my why in the forefront is easy.  Every day I awaken to my 3 kids jumping on my bed, or making noise and waking me up.  This reminds me that everything I do is to create the lifestyle I want, which includes being there for them as much as possible.  The freedom network marketing creates is great motivation!

I do follow the other steps I mention above, but for me the automation part of the process has been the biggest game changer for me.  I am generating leads every day, and they can be from content I created months ago.  These are passive leads, and they are way better than any leads I could buy.  I am creating content geared towards a  certain target market, which allows me to target exactly who I want to target.

I then utilize an MLM lead generation system.  I am not talking about something that generate leads for me, I am talking about something that teaches me and trains me on how to do it myself.  This system then manages the leads for me so I know which leads I have contacted and which ones I have not.

This system is the #1 online marketing training platform for network marketers, and it is a staple of so many marketers business.  I wrote an entire review on this product, and you can read it HERE.

MLM Business Plan – The Verdict

It’s no secret that having a solid MLM business plan in place is key to your success.  Everyone is different, and everyone has different skill sets.  Therefore, create YOUR OWN plan, but don’t feel like it has to be set in stone.  Test and tweak at all times, and eventually you will find the best plan for you.

I hope this post was helpful.  Please leave me a comment below and let me know your thoughts on this topic.  Also, please share via social media if you think others would find it helpful.

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