Shaklee IndiaShaklee is set to open in India in March 2015.  This has me very excited, and for many reasons.  In this short post I will share the reasons of my excitement with you, and also let you know how you can get involved, and position yourself to capitalize on what is going to be a massive opportunity.!

Reasons Shaklee India Has Me Excited

As I mentioned, there are quite a few reasons why I am pumped up for the launch of Shaklee India.  Here are some of those reasons:

  • Products that Can Help – Two of the most prominent health concerns in India are diabetes and obesity.  I like knowing that the products Shaklee will offer can help make a positive difference in people’s health.  Making the world a healthier place is important to me, and for that reason I can feel good knowing that the products the company I represent can help people achieve better health.
  • Opportunity – Shaklee provides people with a chance to make an excellent home based business income.  Helping people become healthier and wealthier can help you attain a lifestyle of freedom, and give you the ability to live life on your terms.  You will be able to work when you want, with whom you want, and where you want.  You will be able to spend more time with the people that matter most to you, and you will no longer have to trade time for money, or be under paid for your skills.  In this business, you can make great money if you do great work!
  • Building a Global Business – There is something very exciting about the thought of building an international Shaklee business.  Building here in the States is exciting in itself, but having the opportunity to meet people from other parts of the world, and work along side of them is an amazing experience.  I have made those connections.  We are Team Indi Organic, and we are blazing a trail unlike all other Shaklee builders.  When Shaklee opens for business, our team will be positioned for success because of the work we are putting in now to prepare.  Check us out on Facebook HERE, or e mail to contact me directly.
  • Timing & Positioning – There is a lot to be said about timing in business.  Imagine being with Google from day 1.  Imagine being with Facebook from the start.  Imagine being with Shaklee from day 1(and even before) as we prepare for our launch in India.  With or without me, with or without you Shaklee India is going to take off.  Sales are projected to hit 500 million with jut a few years.  Right now is the time.  Timing is everything, and you have a great opportunity to get in at the PERFECT time.  So you are set up with an opportunity at the right time.  Now you need to position yourself to hit the ground running.  Much like a Formula 1 race, the ones who sit in the “pole position” stand a better chance to succeed.  It’s the same in this case.  Take the time now to position yourself for success, because what you do in the next 3-5 months could have a dramatic impact on your life in the next 3-5 years.  The ideal way to position yourself is to contact Team Indi Organic and get plugged into your rapidly growing team.  E mail to get started.

These are just some of the main reason why I am so excited that my brand partner Shaklee is opening for business in India, and other countries of the world in the near future.

How to Get Involved – What Next?

Are you looking for a home business idea in India with low investment?  Are you interested in health and wellness, as well as the potential to earn a massive income with a home business?  If you answered yes, you NEED to contact me ASAP to chat more about this exciting business opportunity.

If you’ve been searching for a legitimate home business idea, one that will allow you to build a business in India, China, Indonesia, Canada, and the United States this is it.  We have everything you should be looking for when considering a home business opportunity.

Te learn more, and get plugged into what we are doing contact me right now so we can set up a time to talk via Skype.  You can e mail me here, or you can e mail me at and I will reply quickly.

Also, check out the video below.

I hope you enjoyed this post. Shaklee India is coming fast, and we are the Team to be with!

Contact me now to learn more!

Til Next Time!

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