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why shaklee why nowThe optimal brand partner for a person to partner with has these ingredients.  First, look for a company with a foundational heritage of being the best with a long-tenured consumer product loyalty.

Second, look for leadership who has a pedigree for success and has a consistent vision matched with consistent action. Finally, look for a company that is expanding globally, right now, especially into China and India.

To find the ultimate recipe that will maximize your success and create long-term generational income, we invite you to check out today’s Shaklee.  The #1 natural nutrition company in the United States, Shaklee has set the standard in quality for which all others follow.

Dr Shaklee created the first multi-vitamin, the first protein isolate, and the first non-toxic cleaner.  Besides having over 100 earned Olympic medals, and championing 7 of Life’s greatest adventures of all time, Shaklee’s average product loyalty is 17.6 years!  Now led by billionaire visionary, Roger Barnett, Shaklee is better than ever and the next 10 years in Shaklee will be it’s greatest growth period in it’s 55+ year history.


International expansion.  Companies like Mary Kay, AmWay, and Herbalife have already gone global and are now experiencing slow and steady growth.  But now it’s Shaklee’s time to go global with our message of improving people’s lives.

Canada, Mexico, Japan, Malaysia, and Taiwan are in place with Indonesia and China just opening.  We could not be more excited about Shaklee’s growth in China and the new opportunity that awaits in India in 2014.  Did you know that Indian Americans make up over 3 million of the US’s population?  Did you know that India is diabetic capital of the world?  Sounds like a great fit!

Bill Gates says that a wealthy person as the ability to see the obvious before everyone else does.  We are looking for a team of like-minded individuals who want something better for themselves and are willing to do something about it. People of strong character who recognize the obvious before everyone else does. This unparalleled growth will happen for Shaklee and its family with or without you and I, that is  for sure.

If starting your own business is something you have ever considered, just know that at this point in time, the perfect opportunity at the perfect time awaits you right now.

We have a strong team here in the States, anchored with very strong leaders.  We are ready to take things to the next level, and are always ready to chat with you about the potential that working together presents.

You can learn more about this opportunity by watching the video below, then Contact Me directly to set up a time to talk.  I look forward to it!

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